How to secure your money and travel documents?

Most recently, we wrote about what to do if you lost a passport abroad. Today we will tell you how to avoid this and other troubles with which you may encounter on vacation.

To work in detail the route of the trip or perfectly pack the suitcase, it is not all that you have to do when preparing for the trip.


Write in advance the contacts of the consulate of Russia in the country or countries where you are heading.

In addition, if you are traveling with a bank card, then rewrite the phone of the bank that it issued it to you. This will help you quickly block the map if she was stolen or someone took money from her without your knowledge.

We will not know in advance to write emergency telephones (police, ambulance) and contact your nearest relatives with whom you can contact an emergency situation.

Backup copies of documents

Be sure to make a copy of the internal and passport. Ideally, you should have a paper and an electronic copy. Electronic convenient to store in the mail or on the cloud service, for example, in Dropbox, Yandex.Disc, google.Drive and T.NS. So you can access your data at any time.

Ideally, you must have backup copies of all important documents that are needed on the trip: hotel reservation, a route receipt of the airflight, insurance and T.NS. Put them separately from the first set and do not forget about the electronic copy.

Always store copies separate from the originals!

How to keep money on travel?

How to secure your money and travel documents

There are several rules.

First, never keep all the money in one place. Break them into several parts, and with you take a walk exactly as much as you are going to spend.

Very careful you have to be at the airport and at the station. It is there that tourists are most often losing vigilance and lose their money or documents.

Secondly, you should not rely only on the map. If something happens to her, you will stay without money. Be sure to take with you at least a small part of cash.

Thirdly, do not leave money in a prominent place in the hotel. If the room has a safe, then put them there. Some hotels offer safes at the reception, it is better than keeping money in a suitcase.

If you even left a small amount on the table in the room, then it is not necessary to steal it, the maid might think that this is her tips and with a clean conscience will take.

How to secure your money and travel documents

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