How to secure the rest of the bankruptcy of travel agencies?

According to experts, which began last summer, «bad luck» passed the our tourism industry is not until the end of autumn and winter, travelers can expect new surprises from bankrupt travel companies. In this article we will try to tell you how to minimize the risks of such trouble in the period of November and Christmas holidays.

First of all, you should ask what serious working resources the tour operator has, whose services you intend to take advantage of. It can be your own hotels, subsidiaries and aircraft, information about which. Such a company is more stable on the market, and the less likely that it will go bankrupt without fulfilling its obligation to you.

For example, such major players like Pegasus, Thezturt, Coral – There are own hotels and airlines. This, of course, is a big plus in favor of their stability.

Another important step – Travel insurance, experts advise to resort to it, even if the tour operator causes confidence. Especially since our insurance companies recently began to offer insurance from bankruptcy travel agents . This new insurance product is intended to cover losses from canceled or interrupted tours.

If your departure for the fault of the tour operator still broke, you can additionally get compensation from the company insured by travel agency. These are usually small amounts, but, as they say, it is better than nothing – from the bankrupt company is generally difficult to get anything.

And if you still, despite your precautions, after the start of the journey turns out that the tour operator from you refused, remember, the hotel has the right to hold a tourist force or not to give him the documents, if ravaged by the travel agency did not pay for accommodation. However, the administration is completely and next to the next way, therefore, at the very first alarming signals, contact your country’s consular service or to the receiving party.

How to secure the rest of the bankruptcy of travel agencies

In addition, any traveler has the right to pay hotel accommodation independently, it is important to keep all confirming costs. Upon returning to his homeland, these accounts and checks will be the basis for the presentation of claims of a ruined travel agencies or the company insuring.

Being abroad, you can count on emergency help and compensation for expenses from the our Fund « TURKEE ». If you, for example, denied accommodation in the hotel or in the airline ticket, this public organization can provide you with a comfortable stay in a hotel in anticipation of departure to your homeland, as well as pay for air ticket, organize food and luggage storage, if necessary – Provide medical care. There is no utmost amount of such assistance: it is determined by the actual cost of residence and flights. It is important to keep in mind: this kind of help is only customers a travel agency – Members «Tourpoose».

You can arrange a trip and independently, without resorting to the help of tour operators. That is, it is possible to book a hotel over the Internet, book tickets, excursions, place visas. With such a tour organization, the risk of suffering from the bankruptcy of the tour operator to you, it is clear, does not threaten, but perhaps a serious rise inquiry of the trip, especially on popular areas of the ours: Egypt, Thailand, Turkey. On not too mass directions, for example, when traveling to Brazil or USA, the difference will not be very significant.

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