How to save your luggage during the flight: Travelers recommendations

While the new regulation began to act, tourist portal Tourweek.RU found out from the experts of the aviation industry, What rules need to follow not to lose luggage at the airport.

On the suitcase there is a special tag, intended to indicate the name of the owner. Also there are worth the list of accommodation, email address and contact phone.

On the eve of the trip, it is necessary to clear the suitcase from the tags from the previous flights, since the baggage processing systems at the airport can scan the irrelevant barcode. Experts also do not exercise luggage in the bags of a rounded form or betray such a form with the help of a packaging film, since such luggage is more often rolling from sorter lines – Therefore, it may be lost.

It is necessary to remember the distinctive features of his bag and the manufacturer. Also to the suitcase should be attached the identification element – For example, a sticker.

Representatives of the airport told About the most popular causes of untimely baggage.

This can happen if there are tags on the bag from previous trips from which irrelevant information can be believed.

How to save your luggage during the flight recommendation to travelers

Another reason experts called the later registration of the air passenger on the flight. If the bag in the luggage system will seem suspicious, and additional inspection will be required, the luggage will be longer in the system. Thus, a suitcase who is in the system that is in the system may not have time to get to the flight, since his owner has arrived late for registration.

The bags of a rounded form are more likely to be delayed, because they can roll from ribbons. If this happens, the bag falls out of its «Virtual window» (The time interval in which it passes all stages in the system) and re-processes the processing procedure.

In particular, airport passengers «Pulkovo» May not worry about their baggage: To date, the Middle LBI index (Left Behind Index, not sent in time) in the air harbor is less than 0.1%. Such an indicator – One of the lowest among European airports. Thus, only 1 suitcase from a thousand leaves the deadline.

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