How to save with garbage

Over the past decades, another continent has formed in the world – trash can. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, and its history, we talked in detail. With garbage, especially with plastic, are fighting the state and individual citizens. So, an Englishman Richart Soua built from plastic bottles floating island and settled on it. Some families own example shows that is possible to live without plastic. This – the photo project "My Planet".

In this article – about the most unusual ways of dealing with waste in different countries. Spoiler: with the help of some good can save or even earn!

Free travel on public transport

Italy (Rome), Turkey (Istanbul), China (Beijing), Indonesia (Surabaya)

Get a chance: it is necessary to collect the right amount of plastic waste and hand it in special containers automatic. However, the rule does not apply to all modes of transport, and the required number of waste differs in each country. Thus, in the Indonesian city of Surabaya to take five dozen plastic bottles or glasses. They can be taken in exchange for a ticket to the bus terminals and stations. And you can pay for their fare on the bus. In any case, the passenger will be entitled to travel free of charge within two hours.

In Beijing undelivered plastic can pay a visit to the underground. For each bottle, the passenger receives 0.1 yuan (approximately 90 cents). On a single trip will take approximately 20 bottles. They will need to drop into one of the machines located in subway stations, and then get a ticket.

Istanbul and Rome, these devices also have some subway stations. For a free tour of the cultural capital of Turkey will need 28 plastic bottles. Fewer is also allowed – it will qualify for a discount. The main thing that was a special travel card Istanbulkart. When a passenger brings a plastic bottle at the point of reception, the machine accepts and evaluates recycled determines the discount rate and makes its value in the map.

An unusual way to deal with garbage gives its results: for example, about 270 kg of plastic is assembled in Surabai, in this way.

Call for dinner in the restaurant

United Kingdom (London), India (Ambicapur)

These cafes are called – trash. Interior therein is made of recycled waste and instead pay money Visitors plastic rubbish. Each dish has its own costs, is estimated not in the currency, and in grams and kilograms of waste. Such practice allows you to solve two problems at once – garbage and hunger collection.

By the way, in India, the garbage cafe appeared on the initiative of the state-owned SWACH Bharat, engaged in the cleaning of roads and streets in the country. The collected plastic goes to the construction of roads. Several such highways have already been built, and they are more durable than ordinary asphalt.

Purchase products with a discount

Denmark, United Kingdom (Padsi)
Food waste

In special supermarkets you can buy something that other trading establishments decided to throw away. Mostly due to the expired shelf life. And if in the Danish supermarket WeFood goods sold at 30-50% cheaper in the UK visitors generally offer pay as much as they see fit. So it is possible to reduce the amount of food waste and feed the needy.

By the way, the owners of France supermarkets back in 2016 were banned from throwing out non-soldered products. They are obliged to distribute food to charitable organizations. Of course, free. Owners who decide to act on the principle of "neither myself nor the people" face fines of up to € 75 000, or arrest for up to two years.

Get money

Norway, Germany, Finland, Russia (Moscow, Krasnodar, Krasnogorsk)
Plastic and Glass Bottles

Russia only joins the project, and in Europe, the delivery of plastic and glass containers – a routine case, which is practically engaged in. This is because the cost of the bottles included in the total price of the drink, that is, in fact, returned the money left on bail. On checks, such a purchase takes two lines: the cost of drink and the cost of containers. The last can be returned in all supermarkets where special machines cost.

Bottles are put in the device. It scans the labels and gives a check, which can either cash out at the checkout, or to present when buying from this supermarket, and then the cost of the goods will be reduced by the amount specified in the check. There are other bonuses. For example, some Finnish cars offer lottery tickets, and in Russia after receiving the container, the devices print coupons with discounts on goods of certain manufacturers.

How to save with garbage

Purchased bottles are sent for processing.

Dinner with substandard products

Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki)
Food waste

It’s not worth afraid of such institutions. Found in the garbage containers to feed anyone will not be. Just during cooking, products that could go to the landfill are used: marked bananas, tomatoes with barrels, products, whose shelf life is about to end. Basically, it is bakery products, vegetables and fruits, ordered by a store with a surcharge, but the fish and meat supermarkets try to calculate more precisely – they are more expensive.

There are one more feature for such restaurants: you never know what to serve today. Every day the menu is different, because the chefs come from what products were donated by stores on the eve.

Get a discount on new things

Countries where brands involved in such an exchange
Old things

Pass the old and get for this discount on the purchase of a new one in stores of many brands. We take almost everything – from clothes and household appliances to books, empty jars from cosmetics, glasses. Each store has its own rules.

For example, since February 2013 in stores H&M, including those located in Russia, you can bring old things of any brands and in any condition. For each package is provided by a 15% discount voucher. You can spend it on one thing in a check to choose the buyer himself. True, during the day you can get no more than two vouchers, and they are not summed up with them, nor with other promotions.

Delivered things go to process factory. And, for example, clothes in good condition can go for charity or second-hand.

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