How to save up to 35% at the cost of a ticket?

We continue to fight the expensive airline rates and decided to share with you another advice. It has long been known and is popular with avid travelers, so this post will be more for beginners.

For many it is no longer a secret that in most cases buy two tickets in one direction more expensive than one there, though there are exceptions that we have already written .

But not everyone knows that one air ticket in one direction (OW) may be much more expensive than a ticket &# 8220; there and back&# 8221;!

It is best to consider this on a specific example. Find at kupibilet.Ru air ticket from Chicago to Rome, we are interested only in direct flights .

Flight ticket to one side for departure September 7 will cost at 97,477 rubles.

Check the cost of the ticket back and forth:

Already much better &# 8211; 64 941 rubles.

What to do next, I guess you already guessed 🙂 We buy a ticket to both sides, but we fly only in one.

However, this rule works not always and not on all flights. But just in case, check the ticket price not only one way, but also back and forth.

How to save up to 35% at the cost of a ticket

Most often, such price differences are found in the nearest departures, for example, in the situation above, we were looking for a ticket on September 3 to the departure of the 7th. In addition, the return ticket should be not in 2 days, but at least considering &# 8220; Rule Sunday&# 8221; (we wrote about him here), preferably reverse departure to do not less than 7 days.

Do not forget about holidays if the departure date back falls on the peak period of demand, then the price will be high. Too much gap between the dates there and back should also be done, in the rules of tariffs of many cheap tickets it is indicated that the reverse departure date should be no later than 30 days after arrival, the perfect gap &# 8211; 10-29 days. In general, it will have to play for a long time with the return departure date, but you can almost always find the appropriate option.

In which directions you can meet such price differences?

On flights of our airlines I personally did not meet this, although I do not exclude. Most often these are flights on the USA, as well as from the USA to Europe.

Please note that for this flight miles on the bonus map of the airline you do not accrue, and too often to use this should not. Strigine to such focuses include American airlines. For the first time, two, of course, nothing will be for that for it, well, and if you abuse, then theoretically, they may not register you to fly or demand a fine &# 8211; Savited difference.

How to save up to 35% at the cost of a ticket

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