How to save on transport in Vienna

Compared to other cities of Central Europe, transport in Vienna is inexpensive, and numerous travel make it even cheaper. You just need to spend a little time and understand the tariffs.

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Traveling along the capital of Austria is very simple: the same tariffs operate throughout the city. Vienna city transport is traditional trams, buses, trolleybuses, 5 subway lines, which is customary here to call U-Bahn and denote a small white letter U on a blue background, as well as electric trains S-Bahn, whose branches permeate the center and go far beyond the city.

In Vienna, many lines of night buses (map routes can be seen here).

The local metro is friendly refer to disabled people, women with strollers and tourists with heavy bags: at the station there will be not only an escalator, but also an elevator.

The Vienna Airport can be reached on S-Bahn (S2 or S7 lines) in just 12-15 minutes, in 16 minutes on a high-speed train by running every 30 minutes from Wien-Mitte train station, or on a special bus.

Find out how to drive somewhere, the scheduler of routes on the official website of the vein veins Wienerlinien will.AT.

From 10 am to 6 pm (in the summer season under 7 pm) on a special route by the most popular tourist sites, a special tram Vienna Ring-Tram. This route will take about 23 minutes. Start a way more convenient for Schwedenplatz, where trams arrive at 15 and 45 minutes of each hour, and after 6 minutes they are started in the opposite way. Ticket for this tourist tram valid 24 hours: during the day you can go to any of the stations. Inside the cabin is equipped with headphones and screens so that tourists can constantly have on seven languages ​​(including in our) to listen to the story of the places that they pass. Subscription per day will cost 9 euros, you can buy a ticket for one trip for 6 euros.


One-time travel ticket for any type of transport within the city will cost 1.8 Euro (or in 2.20 euros if you buy it from the driver). There is also a comprehensive ticket for 4 trips for 7.20 Euro.

Children under 6 years travel free. The guys from 6 to 15 years old can take advantage of the discount and go for half a cash, and on Sundays, on days of public holidays and the Austrian school holidays they are allowed to ride without tickets.

Ticket for half the cost you are required to buy to pay for the passage of a dog or a bike. By the way, a two-wheeled vehicle can be transported only in the subway and at a certain time: from 9.00 to 15.00 and after 18.30 till the morning on working days, from 9 am on Saturday and all day on Sundays and holidays.

Those who are going to ride a lot in Vienna within one, two or three days, will benefit the subscription for 5.70, for 10 euros or for 13.60 euros for 24, 48 and 72 hours, respectively. They act from the moment you punched them in a bus or tram. And do not forget to compote tickets before entering the subway, because there are no turnstiles in the Vienna subway. The vague ticket is considered invalid and threatens with a fine of 60 euros.

However, before buying a day ticket, think about. If you move around the city from 8 am to 8 pm on a working day, it is more profitable to take advantage of the day "Purchase party subscription" – Wiener Einkaufskarte for 4.60 Euro.

Those who stay in the capital of Austria about a week, you can buy or travel for 7 days for 14 euros (it acts strictly from Monday to 9 am next Monday), or a subscription for 8 days for 28.80 euros – a card with 8 stripes that need to pierce at the beginning of every day. Days may be inconsistent. The same ticket is convenient if you have a company of several people: you just need to pierce everyone by strip.

With long journeys on S-Bahn, watch not to go beyond the limits of the vein zone, where the other fare will be.

How to save on transport in Vienna

Tickets can be easily bought in any of the machines located at the metro stations, in special tickets or tobacco kiosks.

Travelers may be interested in the tourist subscription The Vienna Card: it will be possible to drive 72 hours on any transport, as well as without paying additionally or half aole, visit many museums, get discounts in a number of restaurants and shops. With you on the same document you can spend a child up to 15 years. There is such a card 18.50 euros.


In Vienna, there are many bikes, so if you want to save on transport and at the same time work out sports, it is worth a bicycle. This can be done in any of the 61 automatic rental points running around the clock all days of the week.

First you need to register in the system (your credit plastic card will be required) and pay 1 euro. This money will put on your account and write, if you enjoy one bike more than an hour (within an hour you do not pay anything!). If you rent a vehicle on time, and the next bike will take more than a 15-minute break, then within an hour you can again ride the city for free. For continuous use of one machine from two to three hours will have to pay 2 euros, for the fourth hour – 4 euros, and 4 euros for each subsequent hour. If you do not return the bike for 120 hours, you will have to post 600 euros.

Those who want to save time and not undergo the registration procedure on the terminal, you can do it online.

If your plastic card does not fit, use the special offer for guests of the city – buy a map for bicycle rental, and then rent will cost you in 2 euros per day. You can purchase it in the centers of tourist information or in some hotels. It is convenient to take advantage of this option if you travel the family and want to take a few bicycles, then everyone does not have to register a separate plastic card.


Viennese taxi drivers do not stop to pick up voters. It is better to order a car by phone, asking help at the reception in your hotel or, for example, the waiter in the restaurant, or take it on one of the parking lots. Especially often taxi drivers are parked by the airport, train stations, large hotels. Make sure that when landing the counter. Kilometer should cost approximately 1.20 Euro, 2.50 euros will take landing. At night, as well as on weekends and holidays, the trip will cost a little more expensive. In order to get from the city to the airport, you will have to pay approximately 40-50 euros.

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