How to save on transport in Stockholm

Swedish capital stands on dozens of islands. Despite such a landscape, in Stockholm managed to create a huge branched well-functioning network of public transport. How to move around the city, not spending a lot of money, our instructions will tell.

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Stockholm City Transport System includes buses, metro, trams, some suburban trains and ferries. The scale is amazed: in the capital of Sweden 450 bus routes – this is one of the most extensive transport networks in the world. True, when you are able to deal with the bus schedule, do not forget that some of them go only in the rush hour.

Capital metro consists of 4 lines. Stations open at 5 am and close at midnight. Even if you do not need to go anywhere on the subway, be sure to go down under the ground and go through underground tunnels. The fact is that the Stockholm metro is called the largest art gallery of the world. Stations are decorated with interesting paintings and sculptures – real works of art.


The territory of Stockholm is divided into 3 zones – a, b and c. Travel is paid by special coupons. To travel within the first zone, 2 coupons will be required, on the first and second – 3. They will be valid within an hour during which you can change the types of transport. Four coupons allowed to move on all three zones within two hours. One ticket costs 20 Swedish kroons (about 2 euros), a set of 16 coupons – 180 Swedish crowns (19 euro). Machines for sale one-time tickets: for 30 kroons (3 euros) for one zone, for 45 (4.5 euros) – for two and 60 (6.2 euros) – for three.

There are subscriptions acting on 1, 3 or 7 days per 100, 200 or 260 kroons (10.5, 21 and 27 euros), respectively, acting in all zones. There is a monthly travel ticket for 690 kroons (72 euros). By the way, the Stockholm travel directly, they can be transmitted.

Please note: tickets cannot be bought from the bus driver. They should be purchased in advance in SL centers, in tickets at stops, at the metro stations, in the press keys – PressByr&# 229;. If you use a local telephone card, you can buy "e-ticket", SMS sent, and the fare will be included in the Total Communication Account.

If you are going to not just ride around the city, but also to visit museums, it is worth buying Stockholm Card. Now such "Guest cards city" very popular and there are in all major cities of the world, but the first appeared in the early 80s of the last century in the Swedish capital. So, by paying once, you do not have to think about transport tickets and on input tickets in 80 museums and you will receive discounts in many restaurants and shops. According to Stockholm Card (as well as on the usual travel), you can ride from small berths in the Nybroviken Bay and from the Slussen area on the Hop-On Hop-Off Excursions to the Green Island Djurg&# 229; RDEN on the motor ship M / s Emelie (from April 30 to September 26). This year, tourists were offered some more interesting ideas: you can get a ticket to "Historical tour" On the channels (from May 29 to August 29, the pier on StadShusBron) and take part in bicycle accounts in the city (from May 15 to September 19 at a preliminary order, participants are provided bicycles and helmets). To the tourist easily figured out in all special offers, he is given a special guide. Recently, materials appeared in our.

Stockholm Card for 24, 48, 72 and 120 hours costs 395, 525, 625 and 895 kroons, respectively (about 41, 55, 65 and 93 euros). Children’s cards (for small tourists from 7 to 17 years) approximately half cheaper, but they are sold only with adult. If one of the parents have a map, children under 7 can use all the services for free. The card can be purchased via the Internet (for us it is not very convenient, as the purchase will be delivered by regular mail), in the city tourist center (at Hamngatan 27) and in 130 other places (the full list can be seen here).

How to save on transport in Stockholm


Stockholm has its own automatic bicycle rental system. They can be taken on some of the 73 standings scattered around the city and return to any other. To take advantage of the car rental, you need to buy a special card in the city tourist center or in the SL center. The maximum time on which you can take a bike – 3 hours, then you will need to return it to the parking lot and take another. The cost of the card for 3 days – 125 kroons (13 euros), a seasonal card operating from April 1 to October 31, costs 250 kroons (26 euros) or 200 kroons (21 euros) when buying on the site. Bicycles are available from 6 am to 22 pm.


There are several taxi companies in Stockholm. You can find out a taxi with a license on a yellow license plate. The free car can be found in the parking lot, order on the phone or catch on the street, raising your hand. Maximum 4 people can accommodate as standard. The cost of travel depends on the time of day. Typically, daytime tariffs differ in working days. So, a trip within the center will cost about 300 Swedish crowns. Arlanda Airport, as a rule, operate fixed prices (about 450-500 Swedish crowns – about 47-52 euros). By the way, in most Stockholm taxi you can pay not only in cash, but also by plastic card.

Along with large companies, there are small taxi firms with their own "free" prices that may unpleasant to hit. Therefore, before sit down in the car, always interest the approximate cost of the trip.

How to save on transport in Stockholm

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