How to save on transport in Istanbul

At first, tourists scares this noisy and a little chaotic city: they seek to catch the first taxi and shifting the issue of laying a route on the shoulders of the chauffeur. However, gradually, guests get used to the end of the trip, they begin to navigate in the transport sea of ​​Istanbul. So that it happened faster before going to the shores of the Bosphorus, read our instructions.

Buses, tram, metro and ferries

Urban transport of Istanbul is not easy. Metropolitan here is very strange. His branches are completely different and non-cycle. Actually, the subway, in the usual understanding, is only the most modern line, originating on Taksim Square and stretching to the north. There is still a light metro, whose trains go from Aksarai Square to West to Ataturk Airport. The third line – Tunyl, the most ancient, was created in the year before last. This, in fact, the underground funicular connecting the Karakeu area and the end of the Street Street.

Tourists should be aware of the high-speed tram: it runs on the old town and pleases the wishes to the berths on the Emineny Square. And on the street Istiklal go special historical cars.

Buses in Istanbul for some reason are always crowded. However, we, accustomed to the clock of peak in the metropolis, it will not seem something unusual. But if you want to go with big comfort and sitting, choose a minibus. Route taxis – Dolgush here are absolutely similar to Moscow: they eat famously, stop anywhere on demand, you only need to pronounce "Issgek Var!" ("Want to leave"). But our tourists who do not speak Turkish more often just scream truly "fool!" He is not offended and understands that the ingenians ask him to stop, because at the local adveria, this word means only "stop". That is why places where buses or trams stop are indicated by the letter D.

It is pleasant to travel from the Asian part to European water – on the ferry. Hemps are separated every 15-20 minutes. The cost of such a voyage is not more expensive than the trip on the tram, because it is common urban transport, and pleasure many times more. V "Mandatory Program" Includes feeding harassing seams purchased near the pier on bagels and a cup of sweet tea in a bar on board. Therefore, even if you do not seek to get to another continent, just ride there – back.

To not get confused in numerous transport routes, use the scheduler.

How to save on transport in Istanbul


Cost of one-time travel on the subway, bus, high-speed tram or sea ferry – 1.5 lira (0.8 euros). The payment system resembles the Istanbul transport itself – chaos and diversity reigns in it. You can pay in conventional paper tickets, simple tokens or special electronic tickets by Ellbil, which are sold in kiosks &# 304;.E.T.T. This is a special contactless persistent transport card, triggered at a distance of 10 cm from the turnstile. Another favorable payment method – electronic token ABILL, Metal plate in a plastic case. It can be put on it any amount (from 1 to 150 Turkish lira), plus it will have to pay for its collateral value (6 lire), which can be returned, passing abbil. With her, it does not have to think every time about the payment of travel, it is enough just to bring abbil to the magnetic scanner, and the token deducts money every time you go through the turnstile. You can buy a bunch in special kiosks, which are usually located at large transfer stations, but, unfortunately, it is not sold far away everywhere. And one more inconvenience associated with him – it cannot be bought or rent it at the airport. Recently appeared "Electronic wallet" Istanbulkart, which will soon be replaced by ABIL, as well as serve to pay parking, taxis and even tickets to theaters or cinema.


Taxi in Istanbul inexpensive. Sometimes it happens more profitable to divide the fare for 2-3 people than to get to the right place to public transport. 2.5 Turkish lira is taken for landing (approximately 1.3 euros) for each kilometer – 1.4 Turkish lira (0.7 euros). Thus, the passage around the city can cost only a few euros (in Turkish lyters, of course). But this is true, only if you are not deceived. After all, in the arsenal of local taxi drivers a lot of tricks: they love to choose the longest way, and even take a passenger with a circle at all, to include on the counter instead of the daytime night rate (it acts from midnight to 6 am and half more expensive), when landing "reset" Counter or not at all include it, referring to a malfunction. Responsive driver can also state that for several passengers the tariff above, and on Sunday it also achieves unthinkable heights – all this is not true. The only thing that you should pay additionally is travel through the bridge through the Bosphorus – 3.25 Turkish Lira (1.7 euros). Taxis can be found everywhere, especially a lot of them at the airport, train station and large berths. So that the car stops is enough to vote, although it is usually not required: seeing a tourist’s widespread, drivers themselves approach and offered to pass.

How to save on transport in Istanbul

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