How to save on transport in India

Overcoming several thousand kilometers to Industan and landed in Delhi, you will probably want to quickly leave the dirty and stuffy Indian capital. After all, the treasures of Agra and Jaipur are waiting for you, Exotic Bombay and Calcutta and, finally, Goa beaches. How to get to these places? Which transport is better to travel in India?

By train

India is enveloped by the railway network. If you want to travel with comfort, you will have to explore the complex system of types of Indian cars.

Sleeping wagons 1As is a comfortable double coupe. But you should not think that you can close the door and extinguish around the world. In some trains, it will really remind our sv, in others, cheaper – it’s just a bay with curtains.

Sleeping cars 2As – actually our reserved seats, with the only difference that passengers are separated by curtains. In each compartment there are outlets.

Sleeping wagons 3As are populated much thick: passengers are placed on three shelves on each side of the compartment and three more shelves on the side. Usual to us the upper luggage shelf are engaged in a passenger, so that baggage will have to be placed just on the floor.

The fare 1-3As includes bed linen. Wagons are equipped with air conditioning, so there is usually cold – take warm things!

Sleeper is the simplest sleeping wagon: the shelves are located, like in 3as, but it will be already tight wooden flooring, there is no air conditioner, the linen will not give. The distance between the shelves is small, so the most convenient on the topmost. It is clear that this option is choosing those who want to save: tickets even on very long distances can cost only 10 dollars.

In short distances there are AC Chair Car’s seats with armchairs, as in the plane. Usually they are cheaper than 3as.

What you need to be ready? Buy the ticket is not easy: usually the cash regulations occupy a multi-voiced crowd, you will have to stand in the queue. There are cash desks for foreigners, but they are far from all stations, work at certain hours. Do not buy tickets from the hands from the discovers – they will take Schridogog. Do not believe them in the words about closed cash desks and the lack of tickets.

Tickets can be bought on Indianrail website.GOV.In, however, the booking system is very uncomfortable, moreover, problems arise when paying for cards not Indian banks. Therefore, it is better to use the site of some ticket agency, for example, by this Choosing tickets, keep in mind that the trains are often late.

In tickets purchased via the Internet, the places are not always indicated. What the shelf to occupy, you can learn from the cashier at the station, sometimes the lists of passengers are postponed with room numbers.

Going to your place, you may find that it is busy. Locals sometimes occupy top-class shelves. The problem is easily allowed using the conductor.

During the trip, you can have a snack in a restaurant car or buy food, which are worn by car, but it is only if you are not afraid "hook it up" some disease. In the wagons dirty, often there are big cockroaches.


In India, there are several dozen large and small carriers, airports are in all significant cities, so the plane ticket can be cheaper than the train.

How to save on transport in India

But keep in mind that planes are much more optional transport than trains: overbooking, delays and cancellation of flights are not uncommon. So be ready to spend a few unnecessary clock at the airport. Do not expect someone to feed you or will be allowed to call for free by phone, and just in case, think over the spare option. To come to the airport in advance: registration can be very slow. And do not forget to take a special tag for every place of hand clashes – without it, the passenger will not be allowed into the plane.

Most chance to fly if you purchased a ticket for the flight of the National Carrier Air India. Other popular airlines: Indus Air, Indigo, Jet Airways, Air Deccan, Kingfisher Airlines. On their sites you can find out the flight schedule and purchase a ticket.


The main advantage of this type of transport is the price. However, the old rattling Indian suburban buses without air conditioners can scare even the most skilled tourists. Drivers do not seek to stick to the schedule, and your journey can be pretty delayed.

Among the long-distance buses are the real Indian exotic – machines with two-level bedroom compartments Slipper Bus. Shelves are hard, riding uncomfortable. If you decide on this feat, it is necessary to take warm things – it is very cold at night.


On the territory of India, both international and local rental companies operate. For rental cars you need to provide a civil liability insurance policy and international driver’s license. However, tariffs are high, because in this country a very specific road movement and owners of rolling offices expect that without accidents it will not cost.

Those who want to rent a car, you need to remember that in India is a left-sided movement. Roads in this country are bad, uneven, bug, without marking, while the Indians love to ride with the breeze, determining the priority of travel on some clear rules. The picture is complemented by moving on the highways of the wagon, which pulls the wheels, and lying in the middle of the cow trace. They need to be accurately surrounded, as the confused in the middle of the transport flow animal threatens the prison. Therefore, before you decide on a rash step and rent a car, think if you need extra trouble on vacation.

The visitors love to rent scooters: to manage them is easier than the car, go around the cows to them easier, but fit into the local movement still remains a serious problem.

How to save on transport in India

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