How to save on tickets in both directions?

Most air tickets are bought in both directions. Such transport is called Round Trip (RT), t.E. from point A to point in and back to point A.

Regarding the pricing of RT tariffs, airlines that provide flight tickets on the site can be divided into 2 groups:

1. Provide a passenger flexible choice, you yourself choose at what tariff fly there and what back.

2. Immediately offer RT ticket, without giving a passenger a tariff choice on each of the paths of the path.

Airlines that fall under the second category a bit, but it is precisely on their tickets that can save quite large amounts. How to do it?

Previously, there was a rule, according to which the tariff used for the tariff component in the direction of there should be equal to the tariff used for the tariff component in the direction back. But some airlines use this rule so far. For a passenger, this means that if there are tickets for all tariffs on the flight there, including the cheapest:

And on the flight back, the cheapest tariff is not,

then the system will offer you more expensive tickets for which the tax equality rule is carried out.

If you take an example from the images above, then companies from the first group will offer you to buy tickets for 9 212 + 12 137 = 21 349 rubles.

And from the second group for 12 137 + 12 137 = 24 274 rubles.

How to save on tickets in both directions

How not to overpay? Try searching 2 tickets in one direction (OW).

For example, Emirates airline offers us RT tickets Moscow-Dubai for 34 414 rubles., But if you search separately, we get:

1. Ticket there: Moscow &# 8211; Dubai with departure April 19 for 13,673 rubles.

2. Ticket back: Dubai-Moscow with departure April 20 for 13 890 USD (AED 1740).

So we will spend on the flight 27 569 rubles, and save 6,845 rubles.!

Booking tickets individually, we chose the cheapest rate &# 8211; Skywards Saver Fare, and the system offered us more expensive Skywards FLEX FARE.

How to save on tickets in both directions

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