How to save on the rental of the ship?

Most people teach to save. Even when the money would seem to be enough they try to guess, knock, throw off. In the context of today – this is, in general, quite relevant, because it is better to save, how to completely refuse himself in pleasure and hope for a bright future.

Rent of the ship inexpensively will allow wonderful time to relax in the circle of friends and at the same time not falling out of the financial gauge.

Tip 1: take the ship from the owner

In general, there are three options to carry out an event on board the ship:

  1. Rent it from the direct owner;
  2. go to the agent company;
  3. Buy your own motor ship.

The last two options immediately disappear, because the purchase is expensive, the agents themselves receive from sale only the percentage and hardly want to share them, but the owner without a difference to pay the agent or make a discount to direct customer. Naturally, it is not necessary to wait for it to you immediately from the threshold, but if it goes to conclude a contract, and the shipowner with a proposal is not in a hurry, then there is nothing gallopped in ask to throw out some percentage of the amount.

How to save on the rental of the ship

Tip 2: better smaller, but better

In our case, this is the golden rule should be understood as we invite only the most necessary and relatives. The fact is that the cost of the banquet will be calculated by multiplying the number of guests for the cost of food for 1 person. Therefore, the larger the people, the higher the cost. In addition, 10% for maintenance will be added to the banquet budget.

Tip 3: on weekdays cheaper

If you really need rent hire inexpensively, then you should carefully look at the price. From Monday to Thursday, it will be guaranteed the lowest. T.To. Boat loads these days are minimal and owners do everything to attract the client.

Tip 4: Schedule from the vessel’s parking

Of course, according to the laws of the highest level of service, you will be able to pick up from any wipboard from any convenient for you, but for this it will be necessary to pay and the amount will be approached by the cost of 1 hour of rent.

Tip 5: Watch out for stocks

The standard set is:

  • discount birthday birthday;
  • discount for early booking;
  • discount at the beginning and end of navigation;
  • Discount If the client makes 100% prepayment.

Communicate discounts on shares will be, hardly, but save interest 10 (and sometimes more) will unambiguously help. Following our 5 tips, you will understand that the rental of the ship is inexpensive – this is not an advertising trick.

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