How to save on the hotel booking, if the number is needed only during the daytime?

In Russia, there was the first online booking system for hotels and apartments at daytime – Stayonday!

What is it?

Stayonday offers guests book a hotel room at any interval from 7 to 19 hours. Although, if desired, the hotel can change independently, for example – to expand, temporary framework for the provision of accommodation services and offer to customers another period.

In essence, it is an online system, and its mainly determining the difference from other world and our products – the orientation On daytime accommodation. Stayonday has no own hotels, and helps to meet a guest and the hotel, learn each other and stay permanent friends for a long time.

Staying at the hotel during the daytime, it is much cheaper than to remove the room for the full day. Sometimes exclusive discount make up up to 70% of the value of the base tariff Accommodation. Guest does not pay Stayonday any additional commissions and leaves no credit card data. He simply books a room, and all calculations produces directly when settling in the hotel.

How does it work?

Website Stayonday.RU has a simple friendly and familiar interface that is easy to use and, in which it is impossible to get confused. Just choose the date, city, and, if there is a desire, the name of the hotel, in which there is a desire to spend a day. But even if guests are incomprehensible to guests – you can always call the free phone number 8-800-555-3-923 in the support service and make a reservation using the Call Center operator.

How to save on the hotel booking, if the number is needed only during the daytime

Mobile applications for smartphones will come out soon. Guests will be even easier to book rooms even faster. Stayonday without any difference what of the mobile operating systems users prefer – the ability to use the application will be like both the fans of the iPhone and the fans of Android.

Features Stayonday

An important feature of the service is a guest must be a modern man and have a mobile phone that has recently to be difficult to call difficulty. A password for verification in the mobile phone number comes to verify the application and directly all information confirming the reservation.

In the final confirmation that came in the form of a common SMS, the guest receives the exact address of the hotel, the reservation number and time when he is looking forward to the hotel that he chose. After all, Stayonday always takes care that customers choose from the best!

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