How to save on nutrition while traveling?

We have already written on the topic where you can eat cheap in Europe, today we will continue it and give you a few tips to save on food during your journey.

Grocery stores

Grocery stores, and especially their culinary departments, can be much better than many budgetary eaters.

Judging by the assortment of stores in the center of European cities, the locals do not like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and will rather buy a semi-finished product that is enough to warm up in the microwave. Therefore, do not worry about the choice, dozens of lettuce options, sandwiches, grill, various dishes of national cuisine (Chinese, Thai, Indian and T.NS.)&# 8230;.

Another plus of foreign grocery stores &# 8211; Reducing prices by the end of the working day. The cooking department and baking reduces prices for their products by 20-50% a few hours before closing or after a certain time, if it works around the clock. In addition, in some stores there are special shelves with semi-finished products that the expiration date will end the other day and they are also sold with a markdown.


In all major cities there are farmers markets, in some places they are even considered a kind of attraction. But the benefits of the markets are that it is possible to eat there and for free. Farmers are happy to taste their products, especially if you show interest and want to buy 🙂

Live in hostels

Most hostels have a free kitchen, fully equipped with everything necessary for cooking. You can buy products and semi-finished products in the store and prepare yourself food yourself.

In the kitchen, you can detect a shelf with products that stayed from previous guests and they can be used for free. If you also have such products, do not throw them away, and leave on this shelf.

Quite often in the hostel there is a person (among travelers), which will prepare not only on himself, but also on the rest. It is enough to pay for products and sometimes a little top and delicious dinner or dinner Ready. In addition, buy products in the folder much cheaper.

Another advantage of hostels &# 8211; Free breakfast. There are not everywhere, but there are quite often. However, so that it is necessary to have a snack normally, but you don’t have to spend time looking for a place and money for breakfast.

By the way, quite often, with a hostel there are small bars, where you can also eat very budget, and they provide an additional discount.

Do not bring yourself to hunger

How to save on nutrition while traveling

Do not bring yourself to the state of hunger. Under this feeling you will probably go to the first enticing establishment, to quench the hunger and it, of course, will be far from budget. If you have a task to save, always carry something to eat something, so you will have time to find something suitable for your budget.

Decide in advance where you can eat

It is very difficult to plan each trifle in advance. But if you at least approximately know the area in which you plan to walk, make a list of budget cafes and restaurants in which you can go and dine. TriPadvisor reviews will help you in drawing up the list.

Drink coffee at the bar

This advice always works in Italy. The cost of the cup of coffee at the bar counter and the table may differ 2 times.

Look for restaurants with business lunch

In fact, the phrase business lunch is common in the CIS countries. We are understood under it a lunch menu on weekdays at a fixed price. Abroad, in most cases, there are no such harsh temporary restrictions and you can take lunch or dinner at any time at a fixed price. You will be given 2-3 types of soup, as many types of hot and salad. Sometimes the price includes drinks and dessert.

Abroad Business Lunch is called Prix Fixe, Set Meal, Set Menu, Lunch Special, Fixed Menu or Table D&# 8217; hôte.

How to save on nutrition while traveling

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