How to save on journey even more with Cashback services?

The most progressive uses money services with online shopping (CashBack = Cashback). And you can return not only money for tickets and accommodation, but also for clothes, books, gifts, services, household appliances and much more. Here is a list of the most popular stores and services in which it works:, Aviasales, Aliexpress, Asos, Sportmaster, L’Etoile, m.Video, Ozon.RU, Media Markt, Ulmart, Svyaznoy, Adidas, MTS, Technosyl, Beeline, Nike, Yves Rocher and the Sea of ‚Äč‚Äčothers.

Recently, many such services have appeared quite a lot, and the uninitiated person seems to be another deception, but we all checked and decided to share with you our observations.

How it works?

1. You register in Cashback service (LetyShops.RU or Kopikot.RU).
2. Choose a store from the list on the service website.
3. On the store website as usual paying the order.
4. The store automatically informs information about the amount of the order, and your return on the cache-service person appears.
5. When you accumulate the minimum amount (usually 500 rubles), you can translate it to a bank card.

How much can be returned?

Depends on the store. The largest percentage of returns from such stores, both Aliexpress (up to 10%), Ozon.RU (up to 7.5%), ASOS (up to 6%) and t.D.

Be sure to follow the promotions of the services. Usually on large holidays like a new year, Christmas, March 8, many participants increase Cashback several times.

At the same time, some of the services have a percent amount depends on the total amount of orders. For example, in LetyShops.RU cachek amount increases by 30% if your total cachek will become more than 10,000 rubles, which is not so much if you are often traveling.

Why money return and who benefits?

Shopping is profitable to attract customers. It’s just one of the ways of advertising. Shops share part of their profits with cachek-services, and they return to you some of this profits – as a result, everyone is happy.

How to save on journey even more with Cashback services

What service to choose?


In order not to get confused in stores, services and promotions, we recommend downloading from the selected service website branded extension for the browser, which will remind that you can save on the purchase (for example, the extension for LetyShop)


Be sure to read the Cacheback Return Terms for each store, to once again not be upset due to misunderstanding. For example, the following is indicated for AviaSales: "Dear users, we draw your attention that after the transition to the Aviasales website through our service the cost of air tickets may differ from the cost when switching directly to the Aviasales website."
When checking and comparing different tickets, we failed to find differences, but some of our readers warn that such cases were. Therefore, just in case, it is better to check the cost of a ticket through another Brazier before buying.

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