How to save on housing on the coast of the Krasnodar Territory

On the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory, a large variation of housing prices. The most expensive resorts are Imeretin lowland, Sochi, Lazarevskoye and Gelendzhik, but even here you can save on accommodation.

The first way to save is not to merge in the city itself, but in the next villages.

Electric train from Dagomys to Sochi goes less than half an hour. In Dagomis, the same well-kept beaches, while the price of housing prices is much lower. Staying in Dagomis, you can leave in Sochi every day. This method works with any of the expensive cities of the region.

If you know exactly the date of settlement, it will be more profitable to book accommodation in advance, the booking service will help.Com. Here you will find offers from large hotel complexes, hostels and locals – house owners, apartments, flibels, miniature private hotels.

Rebuilding accommodation at locals more profitable than to stay in the hotel.

There is one flaw. You will prepaid privately. In case of unforeseen circumstances, it will be difficult to prove the fact of payment. Negotiating in private, you rely on the honesty of the local resident.

Cases of fraud are extremely rare, but very often the owners are misleading when the tourist is counting on a certain level of conditions and is deceived in its expectations. In order not to get into such a position, ask for more photos, ask direct questions, require detailed answers.

Among people renting accommodation for rent for the season are popular for two ads:

Due to the fact that posting ads on Avito In the Housing Rental Category recently has become paid, people stay more ads on Yule. Good offers quickly book, so the best strategy is regular monitoring of ads for several days.

Pre-book accommodation for the time of the season will be at least three days. In the lively mode, you can only find accommodation for a day in hotels and hostels. Many guests expect to drive around several cities, staying in every no more than a day, it is a very risky strategy. Much better outline interesting places for yourself in advance and choose a place of settlement on an equal distance from them.

Among those who want to relax by the sea and spend as much money as possible, the campgrounds and holidays in the tents are popular.

Rest in Gelendzhik in summer 2020: prices, tourists, restrictions

To relax in the campsite is really cheap, but only those who are able to enjoy the rest of almost no amenities in wildlife.

Remove the Flegel is more comfortable than living in campsite, and cheaper than renting an apartment or number.

You will be scented in a small house, usually consisting of one bedroom room. You, like the inhabitants of other outgames, will have access to the shared kitchen, soul and bathroom.

For all cities and towns on the coast, the principle works: the closer to the sea – the more expensive, but if you book the accommodation in advance and for a long time to monitor offers, you can choose a very profitable solution. Specify with the owners, nearby their accommodation – the sea or the beach. In some cities there are embankments where bathing is forbidden, while the owner will say that she has accommodated accommodation by the sea.

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How to save on housing on the coast of the Krasnodar Territory

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