How to save on entrance tickets to museums?

What journey costs without visiting museums? But prices for entrance tickets in them sometimes bite. What to do to those who want to save, but not ready to give up visiting museums?

Today we will tell about who, how and when can visit the most famous world museums with a discount or at all for free!

Discounts on entrance tickets to museums

Many museums provide discounts to various groups of visitors. Most often climbs students and young people, so just in case capture with you ISIC card, ITIC or IYTC.

ISIC, ITIC and IYTC cardholders are provided with a 25% discount on the entrance ticket to the museum &# 8220; Amsterdam Museum&# 8221; in Amsterdam. And in some Museums of Berlin as much as 50%! Full list of museums that provide a discount on a map can be found on the official ISIC website.

Did not find the museum of interest on the ISIC website? Go to the site of the museum. If it says that they provide discounts to students upon presentation of an international student certificate, then you have every discount chances.

If you do not have this card, it does not matter. In some museums, a ticket discount is provided depending on age. For example, in Paris, if you are from 18 to 25 years old, you can get a ticket to most of the museums at a discount of about 20%. Your task &# 8211; Do not forget to take a passport or international driver’s license.

Many museums and galleries provide a discount on the entrance ticket at Booking online. Such an action is valid at Madame Tussao Museum.

If you arrived with family or company, you can also count on a lower price. Check in advance at the box office or on the site, are there any Discounts and suggestions for groups and families.

As a rule, the family is considered a group of 2 adults and a 1st child up to 18 years.

Free entrance to museums

Many museums have free days. You can find out detailed information about them on the site of a specific museum.

How to save on entrance tickets to museums

For example, every first Sunday of the month for all those wishing the most famous Museums of Paris: Louvre, Museum D&# 8217; Olya, Roden Museum and others.

You can read about free days in the museums of St. Petersburg here.

In addition, there is a free entrance to many museums for visitors under 18.

For example, Louvre in Paris, Museum D&# 8217; Olya, most Museums Berlin.

Museum map

Museum map &# 8211; This is a kind of subscription to visit museums, galleries and attractions. By purchasing it, you will get the opportunity to visit popular attractions with a discount or free. In addition, in many cities, the owners of museum maps receive discounts in popular stores and restaurants.

You can buy this card online at the airport or travel office upon arrival.

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