How to save on entertainment in Dubai

Dubai’s emirate are famous Wild Wadi and Aquaventure Water Parks, Legoland Amusement Parks, Img World, Motiongate, Bollywood, and Even Indoor Ski Resort Ski Dubai. There is no shortage of entertainment in Dubai, but there is a shortage of money in the pockets of tourists, given the high prices for these entertainment.

In this article, let’s talk about all ways to save – discounts, promotions, combo tickets. Let us dwell in detail on Wild Wadi and Aquaventure water parks, but the methods described are perfect for any parks in the UAE, Burj Califa and other viewing sites, museums.

How much is the visit to the water parks and parks of amuses in Dubai

The average price of a large park visit – 300 dirhams of the UAE (82 US dollars). In the vast majority of parks are not allowed with their drinks and food, and if you want to spend here for a long time, count at least for snack and water for 50 dirhams ($ 14) or a full dinner for 100 dirhams (28 dollars).

Actual course, see our review "What Money in the UAE" or use our Dirham UAE Calculator.

Most parks are far from metro stations. Somewhere there is a free shuttle service from the subway somewhere. Plan a budget for transportation.

For example, to Aquaventure will have to go to the subway and then by taxi (the cheapest way). For two people comes out 35-45 Dirhams.

Or take Wild Wadi Water Park. Before it needs to go to the subway + taxi or metro + bus 8 or 81, comes from 5 to 20 dirhams per person.

For ease of calculations, consider that at standard prices every entertainment will cost $ 100 per person. And I would like to reduce this figure! Talk about how to make it.

How to save

The surest way to save is not going anywhere (joke).

Method temporary (not constantly on our list) – My Emirates Pass

Works only for passengers by Emirates airline and only from January 3 to September 30, 2021.

You can get discounts on tickets for tickets to many amusement parks. Discounts are different – there are really interesting, there are pseudo-discounts.

For example, give 20% discount on a ticket to AquaVenture water park. But! Only on the ticket office, and not to buy a ticket through the site. But tickets at the box office are more expensive. You decide to buy a ticket 1 Day Super Pass, it stands at the ticket office of 320 Dirhamov, taking into account the discounts 256 Dirhams. On the ticket ticket costs 269 Dirhams. Real savings are obtained – only 13 dirhams.

On the one hand, 13 dirhams are money too. On the other hand, below read about ways to save much more.

Output! Carefully learn every discount My Emirates Pass, which are planning to take advantage.

Actual list of shares Look at the airline emirates website

The method of the first – the stocks of the parks themselves

Many parks periodically arrange discounts and promotions. Especially in the summer, when the turmpotok in the UAE naturally decreases. About the tourist season, read in our article "Weather in the UAE by months".

For example, in the AquaVENTURE water park at the time of updating this article (February 2021) you can buy a combo ticket to the water park and the oceanarium for 289 Dirhams. That is, a visit to the oceanarium will cost 20 dirhams instead of 110.

Page with shares:
https: // www.atlantisthepalm.COM / MARINE-WATER-PARK / AQUAVENTURE-WATERPARK

Or in Wild Wadi Activity: Entrance on Sunday for 99 Dirhams, If you buy a ticket on a Visa map, on the screenshot near you can look at this offer, click on the picture to enlarge.

Page with shares:
https: // www.Jumeirah.COM / EN / Hotels-Resorts / Dubai / Wild-Wadi / Rates / . You need to press the button on the top of the "Book Now", and then the site will show the shares.

Naturally, no one guarantees that promotions and discounts will. If there is a discount on the day of your visit, you can save. Will not be offended.

Although one share is on any day and any time of the year is a special low price for the UAE residents, but on tourists it does not apply.

Second Method – Klook

Site klook.COM is a classic joke site. That is, discounts and promotional codes are collected here. For a long time Klook.COM worked only with attractions in Southeast Asia, but more recently they work with Dubai parks.

At the time of updating this article (February 2021) for the AquaVenture Water Park, there is no good price. But in Wild Wadi there is a promotional price – 189 Dirhams (of.Price – 199). 10 dirhams – this is also money.

Use klook very simple. Come to the main Klook, there will be a big field of entering phrases to search. In this field, enter the word "dubai", and then you will see all the hottest offers on Dubai. Or simply enter the name of the park of interest or attractions, so even better.

Morally get ready that the discount on the site will be, but the price will be at the same time with the official or discount will be "kopeck". This on Klook happens often, as they do not respond very quickly to changes in official prices.

Again, on Klook.COM No guarantees. If there is a discount on the day of your visit, you can save. Will not be offended.

Third Method – Entertainer Go

This is a service of discounts and coupons for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Service paid, access price – 495 dirhams, although they always sell allegedly. Current price for February 2021 – 395 Dirhams (subscription for 2021).

You need to download the Entertainer Go Dubai or Entertainer Go Abu-Dhabi application, to this application enter the activation code (paid) and then using the application to buy discount tickets.

For water parks and amusement parks, the action "1 + 1". That is, the first ticket is buying for the full price, the second get free. This is very profitable, however, many tourists "Toad, Soul" pay. And in vain, because the first purchase of tickets "beat up" this money.

In the Entertainer GO catalog, at the time of updating this article, more than 10,000 permanent shares and discounts. These are attractions, cinemas, paid playgrounds for children, restaurants and bars, fashion stores and many more.

The main problem for tourists is that it is first necessary to buy a promotional code, and only then in the application you can see a list of shares and discounts. At the same time, it is not clear whether there are shares on the park or landmark.

You can find out in advance! You need to go to theentertainerme website.COM, there in the search bar enter the name of the place of interest. The site will show whether there are stocks and approximate savings on it, but the full description of the action does not show.

In any case, Entertainer Go saves more of its price. There are discounts for almost all fast foods and network restaurants. The main thing is not to forget to use the application.

Fourth way – smile etisalat

This application is very similar to Entertainer Go, but the list of proposals is less.

Previously, the application was available only to customers of the Mobile Etisalat operator, but since the summer of 2019 it became available to everyone for the monthly fee.

The main plus is that the smile etisalat can be paid monthly by 20 dirhams. That is, for a tourist it is enough to pay one month (20 dirhams) and you can fully use.

The main minus is that you can not learn in advance about whether there is a sentence in Smile Etisalat for the park you need. That is, at first pay 20 dirhams and only after payment get a list.

And even if there is no need there, then out of 3,000 offers you can choose useful. These 20 dirhams can be easily poked at least on fast foods or restaurants.

When buying a SIM card Etisalat Visitor Line give a subscription to this app for free. Details about Etisalat Visitor Line Read in our article "Internet in the UAE cheap".

Fifth way – choose the right day

It is rather not a way to save, and the way to get a maximum for your money.

Agree, there is a difference – to pay 300 dirhams and give away the water slide away or pay 300 dirhams and stand for this money in the queues!

In order not to stand in the queues, you need to come on weekdays, and not on weekends, and even more so not on holidays. Holiday schedules See our article "National Holidays in the UAE".

Weekend in the UAE in most – this is Friday and Saturday. Recall that Friday – the sacred day of the week of Muslims. There are employees who work with Islamic countries, and they have a weekend on Thursday and Friday. There are employees who work with European countries, and they have a weekend on Saturday and Sunday, usually these are European Exhibitions. Read our article "Friday and weekends in the UAE".

Best days for a visit to Amusement Parks – this is Monday-Wednesday, will be free.

The worst days are Friday and Saturday, these days will be exactly in the queues on the attractions.

It is very pleasant to walk in the water parks in Ramadan, because in the post of Muslims it is forbidden to swim, Muslims do not go to the water parks. However, parking schedule will most likely be changed to Ramadan. On some entertainment facilities there are prohibitions of Ramadan even for tourists. Read about this in our article "Ramadan in the UAE".

How to save on entertainment in Dubai

Sixth way – access for guests of hotels

Some parks give free access to neighboring hotels. At the same time, it is not necessary to stay in the hotel for a long time, you can and one day. Some tourists enjoy this opportunity.

For example, you book a room at the Jumeiirah Beach hotel even for one day, you will get access to Wild Wadi Water Park, access to a magnificent private beach and five hotel pools, and for children there is a huge playground, master classes and a large children’s pool. with slides. Cut the night in one of the luxurious rooms (from 50 kV.m) overlooking the Persian Bay.

In addition, you can show all the pictures and boast that they rested in one of the best and most expensive hotels in Dubai.

There is such a pleasure – 400-450 dollars per night. Decide for yourself – is it worth this set of entertainment and the pleasures of this money or not.

Wild Wadi Water Park has access to hotels: Jumeiirah Beach Hotel, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Royal Residences.

Aquaventure Waterpark has access to the hotel Atlantis The Palm.

Seventh way – Combo tickets

This method is suitable if they were aimed at several sights. Savings are pretty big. But unfortunately, combo ticket offers are usually seasonal. You need to visit the official sites of attractions and watch – there are such suggestions or not.

The following combo meets:

– tickets for Burge Califa + Virtual Reality Attraction Mission 828;

– tickets to Burj Khalifa + view Dubai Fountains with boats and (or) dinner;

– AquaVenture + Aquarium Aquarium The Lost Chambers;

– AquaVenture water park + sessions in Dolphin Bay;

On the island of Yas in Abu Dhabi there are three large parks: Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, Warner Bros Park. Here you can buy a combo ticket to 2 or 3 parks at a discount. Tickets give access to 1, 2 or 3 days. These are very favorable offers.

Similar situation with entertainment parks Dubai Parks and Resorts: Motiongate, Bollywood, Legoland, Legoland Waterpark. Combo tickets are available in 2 parks at once, and there are tickets to all 4 park for a whole year. At the time of updating this article (February 2021), 3 of 4 DPR Parks are operating (Legoland Waterpark is still closed). Available tickets "1 Day 2 Parks" for 295 dirhams, and a ticket to one park costs 275.

Eighth way – excursions

Most tourists are confident that it is always more expensive to drive somewhere with an excursion than independently. However, this is not always so. Having bought an excursion, you can save.

First, some sightseeing agencies have their own discounts from parks, and can offer tickets even cheaper than the official price.

Secondly, they often sell tickets for the price close to the official, but attached bonuses – lunch, drinks and (or) transfer to the park. And it happens profitable.

However, it is not possible to get a big savings in this way, rather, according to the principle of "with a lubbing sheep, at least the fur of a church".

Services of sightseeing agencies are usually very beneficial if you drive somewhere outside the Emirate of Dubai. For example, in Abu Dhabi to Ferrari World or Waterpark Yas Waterworld. Or see the city of al-Ain or ashore of the Indian Ocean in the Emirate of Fujairah. Then transfer services help save money and time. We were told about the values ​​of different excursions in the article "Excursions in Dubai".

In the case of parks and attractions in Dubai itself, savings are usually "kopeck". And the inconvenience is added, as you will have to leave the park on the schedule of the guide, and not when you want yourself. Compare, consider and decide for yourself – you can save or not.

This is useful to know

– Learn more about bonuses when buying Etisalat Visitor Line and DU Tourist Plan cards, as well as ways to save in touch, read in our articles "Internet in the UAE cheap" and "How to call from the UAE Döshevo".

– In the article, we only defensed the IMG Worlds of Adventure Park IMG WORLDS OF ADVENTURE. About him, read our detailed article "IMG Park";

– In the article, we only mentioned the ski track Ski Dubai. About her, read our detailed article "Ski Dubai";

We wish funny entertainment in Dubai, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (List of articles below).

How to save on entertainment in Dubai

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