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Soon, what everyone was waiting for the whole year – the vacation period. Many ours will go to the golden beaches of Turkey, Cyprus, Greece … On long trips, you always want to stay in touch with relatives, and busy people – also with colleagues, customers and partners. But cellular communication abroad is often the pleasure of not cheap – even incoming calls can fly to a penny. I share Lifehaki, how not to spoil yourself the impression of leave by monstrous accounts for communication.

Connect the options in advance

To begin with, it is necessary to contact your operator in advance to learn the details of the tariff in roaming conditions and find out what options you can use additional options.

In some operators, tariff options for roaming are included outside the native country automatically. However, call the call center still it is possible for you more favorable conditions. After the trip, do not forget to disable options so that the subscription fee is no longer written off.

Answer calls only with familiar numbers

It should be borne in mind that the batch offers of our operators in roaming still cost non-sash. So every call can be on gold weight. Take the phone only with familiar numbers. After all, many subscribers often name spammers and annoying sellers, and pay hundreds for conversations with them, or even thousands of rubles, agree, unpleasant.

If you want to stay in touch not only with loved ones, but also with customers I advise you to install an application with a number determinant. Not suitable for everyone, because the program should work without accessing the Internet so as not to burn your traffic when determining the number. There is a great option for such situations – the application "Who is calling". True, you can only download on iOS. The program determines the numbers of spammers, fraudsters, banks, call centers and reports this to the user during an incoming call.

Limit Internet traffic

You can not use the Internet on the trip, but your smartphone will do it for you. Automatic updates, synchronization, loading media files – All this must be disabled in advance, so that the phone does not try to ruin you on cellular communication.

At home download the apps you need to travel, music tracks, TV shows.

Use only those applications that can work without Internet access.

Disable automatic application updates on your smartphone, mail and calendar synchronization, downloading media files in social networks and messenger.

How to save on calls abroad - Antalya, BulgariaGrezhegipetkiPrkitimaldivitaturation

Switch to mobile versions of sites, as they weigh much less.

Take advantage of the international SIM card

For tourists there are tourist SIM cards that can be freely used abroad.

Orange Mundo. 36 rubles per 100 megabytes, free incoming, but you can only call for European numbers.

Goodlay. Free incoming, calls to Viber, Internet from 30 kopecks per megabyte.

Drimsim. From 70 kopecks for megabytes, calls to Russia from 17 rubles per minute.

How to save on calls abroad - Antalya, BulgariaGrezhegipetkiPrkitimaldivitaturation

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