How to save on buying tickets?

Flights, most often, start selling 330 days before the date of the flight. But the cheapest tariffs do not always appear immediately. The term of acquisition. Until now, the rule is often performed – for 3, 7, 14, 21 days before departure It is possible to find prices in cheaper.

Travel time

  • Days of the trip

The most expensive weekend tickets, in pre-holiday and post-vacation days. In working days, often there are cheaper tariffs. But it does not always work.

  • Stay in the country

Cheapest rates always have limitations on terms between arrival and departure from the country. The minimum stay is most often limited to night from Saturday to Sunday, but sometimes it is tough 3 or 7 days.

The maximum term is usually one month, but sometimes it is increased to 3.

  • Special offers airlines

The number of tickets for cheap tariffs is limited, so in order to find out the first you need to register on the airlines website of your destination and keep abreast of all news.

  • "Low Seasons"

In order to calculate them yourself – you need to understand their origin. There are certain periods when our people do not fly. And so, our mentality does not allow to calculate everything in advance, our people take everything just last.

And as a result – airlines suffer damages during rare migration periods. Namely since the beginning of September until the end of November, after January 15 until the end of March (after resting money, as a rule, end) and, of course, after the May holidays.

How to save on buying tickets
  • Docking routes

You always need to check 2 things – one ticket with a transplant and two different tickets for one route. Sometimes a ticket with a change – cheaper than direct pathway. But the other way around.
For example, we flew to Hong Kong from Kyiv through Moscow.

Tickets for both ends we cost just over 16,000 rubles. And the father who joined us in Moscow was able at the same time to buy a ticket Moscow-Hong Kong-Moscow only for 18,000 rubles. Here is such arithmetic.

  • Return ticket

It comes to jokes. Sometimes a ticket back costs more than a ticket back and back. But this concerns only international air tickets for extrabudgetary airlines. And does not apply to any domestic flights nor low cost transport.

But if you plan to fly by low cost airlines – the rule works on the contrary – often the flight to both sides by one airline is more expensive than different.
Never forget to read the rules of entry and departure to the country. The presence of a reverse ticket is required. Tickets for a trip with multiple stops (Multipleless Route) better buy separately. When buying a single ticket, its cost is almost always more.

Graduation of airfare

  • Flight with stops

For a trip with multiple stops, stops better to do the road to the most distant place of stay, and then fly back from there.

  • Stopper

Flight ticket with stops for less than 24 hours will always cost cheaper than a similar ticket with stops for longer. This is due to the challenge of additional charges at the airports of Transplant.

  • Docking

The cost of the route may differ at times at various options for transplanting on the way to the end item.

  • Neighboring airports

The cost of the flight to the neighboring airport of the city (if there are several of them) or to the nearby airport may be significantly cheaper.
For example, a ticket to Abu Dhabi is cheaper than a ticket to Dubai (between the kilometers 50) or a ticket to Singapore is usually more expensive than in Kuala Lumpur (and between them can fly for 330 rubles, and aircraft fly in 30 minutes).

  • Departure time

If you want to find favorable air tickets – Do not specify fixed departure time. Most often, the lowest prices for the most uncomfortable flights.Try to ask as softer temporary search for flights.

The fact is that in the air ticket booking system in our rubles there is one fine rule:
The ruble exchange rate is updated only 1 time per week, on the night of Tuesday on Wednesday.Therefore, if you planned to buy flights to foreign directions, it is best to buy them today, on Tuesday! Therefore, right now in the search engine of tickets displays tariffs in rubles by courses, which were initial last week!

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