How to save in sea travel – Tips from Viking Line

One of the oldest carriers in the direction of Finland – Aland Islands – Sweden, as well as Finland – Estonia and back is the Finnish company Viking Line. For more than half a century, the "Vikings" transported more than 200 million people. During this time, they had a certain system of transportation and preparation of flights, knowledge of the nuances of which will help save. So, 6 simple tips to help save money.

1. Choose the right season. On New Year’s holidays, Christmas holidays and just at the weekend price is always higher. Traveling from Finland? Take into account the Finnish school holidays when the loading of ferries reaches the maximum, and there is no discount on speech. Remember: in the fall this period from October 15 to October 19, and in the winter – from February 18 to February 22. If you are going on weekdays, then check different departure dates – the price may be different depending on the day of the week. Search for low-cost offers is best to run about a month before the date of the trip. It is a month before departure, the loading of the ferry is predicted relatively precisely and, if for some reason the passengers are not so much closed, the company begins to reduce prices!

2. Pay for meals in advance. Pre-booking dinners and breakfast allows you to optimize expenses. Therefore, the price on the site, when buying a ticket, is always 10% lower than when paying on board.

3. Share cabin. On all ferries there are cabins of different class and capacity. From 50-meter luxury Suite or Seaside Premium with a private balcony to 4-seater cabins without a window. So, the price for the cabin always remains fixed, regardless of how much of its maximum capacity is filled. Therefore, it makes sense to settle, for example, in a 4-bed quartet cabin. The total cost when calculating for each traveler will be much more pleasant.

How to save in sea travel - Tips from Viking Line

4. Watch out for stocks and special offers. Ferry companies, including Viking Line, site is one of the main sales tools. On the site there is always the most up-to-date information about special prices for cabins, cars, places without cabin for the summer season and T.D. In short, there are many options, carefully study and choose what it is suitable for you.

5. Drink water from under the tap. If we talk about Viking Line, then on board all ferries a single filtration and mineralization system, so water in the shower and the drink from the bar will have the quality of bottled, T.E. – equally suitable for drinking. Not to be purchased by water on the shore, given the price in local stores, multiplied by the euro. our tourists, in view of the reasonable habit, filter the tap water at home, do not even think about it. So, deprive themselves to save.

6. Participate in contests. Yes exactly! Direct marketing for yourself. Certificates for cruises are regularly played in social networks "VKontakte", Facebook and Instagram. "Clear" these resources in search of information – the chances of winning the trip is incomparably higher than a million in the national lottery. In such certificates, there is always an open date, which means that the ability to harmoniously enter a cruise into their plans and … save!

How to save in sea travel - Tips from Viking Line

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