How to save in roaming

Cheaper Total to communicate with friends and family on the Internet using free Wi-Fi. Why pay cellular operators if you can chat on Skype for hours, send free SMS, correspond on social networks or exchange messages in WhatsApp or Viber applications? But in practice, Wi-Fi is not always working, and not everywhere he is free. And the use of mobile Internet in roaming is still too expensive, so in order to save it, it is necessary to disable it in the settings of the phone before the trip.

While free Wi-Fi has not covered the whole planet, no phone in your pocket can not do. The difference in tariffs is small, but there are nuances.



For MTS customers, the most budget option is to connect the "zero without boundaries" option. Daily payment 33 USD will provide an opportunity to receive all incoming calls to a duration of up to 10 minutes, all incoming SMS will be free. If your interlocutor put the phone in time (after 9 minutes) and call back, then the conversation can be stretched for an indefinite time – for the caller, the tariff is the same as in the native region. You do not need to call Russia, it is very unprofitable (from 65 rubles. in the first minute). If you need to call, remember the secret code: * 137 * – it needs to be dialed in front of the number, and then the conversation will cost cheaper. For example, a call to Russia (or by the host country) from Armenia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Ukraine will cost 11.9 rubles., And the call from the countries of Europe, Egypt, Israel, China, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, South Korea and Cuba takes 19.9 rubles. per minute, the rest of the country – the expert roads. Outgoing messages in the tariff "Zero without Borders" stand 19 rubles. Secret savings: do not forget to turn off the option, returning to the homeland.

For lovers Slent SMS Sold Packages "50 SMS on travel around the world" for 250 rubles. and "100 SMS on travel around the world" for 350 rubles., But why, if there is free Wi-Fi?

In Russia

If you are traveling in Russia and do not want to switch to local SIM cards, connect the option "Everywhere at home". All incoming calls and SMS are free. Board – 30 rubles. for connection and 5 rubles. Daily, all outgoing calls to any phones of all regions of Russia are 3 rubles. in a minute. Send SMS is more expensive than calling, – 3.95 rubles. Also selling SMS packages: "50 SMS on trips in Russia" for 135 rubles. and "100 SMS on trips in Russia" for 180 rubles.



MegaFon has a wide selection of tariff options for travelers: "The whole world", "around the world", "distant countries". The benefit directly depends on the country of stay. For example, in European countries, the CIS and Turkey it is more profitable to take the tariff "around the world" – then all incoming and outgoing challenges will cost 6 rubles. per minute, as much – Outgoing SMS, connection fee – 15 rubles., Subscriber – 9 rubles. daily. If you are traveling to countries such as Egypt, Thailand, UAE, Israel, Vietnam, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Calling and SMS fees on the same tariff will be more expensive: 9 rubles. Save on outgoing calls will help the "Callback" service: To do this, you need to call the subscriber service 0500 and score the desired number – the system will throw your call, contact the interlocutor and call back.

The tariff "The whole world" is characterized by higher contributions for the connection (30 rubles.) and daily use (25 rubles.) – For this money you are given a daily 30 minutes of free incoming calls. This is beneficial for countries such as USA, Canada, Cuba, Tunisia and Mexico. You can choose the most economical option on the website "MegaFon", indicating the country of stay. http: // Moscow.Megafon.RU / ROAMING / WORLD /

In Russia

Traveling in the country is convenient with the tariff "All Russia". In just 5 rubles. On the day you can take any incoming calls for free. Outgoing challenges and SMS on our numbers stand 3 rubles. Connection – 30 rubles. While this tariff does not work in Crimea and Sevastopol.

How to save in roaming



Bilayna users can connect two tariffs to choose from: "My Planet" and "Planet Zero". Both – without a subscription fee, which is very convenient: if the phone is silent, you do not pay anything. "Planet Zero" is universal: all incoming calls from numbers of any country of the world from the second to the tenth minute of the conversation – free (first minute and everything you say after the tenth minute – on 19 rubles.). Outgoing SMS – 10 rubles. However, it is unprofitable to call: Outgoing paid on international tariffs. "My Planet" saves only in Europe, the CIS and Georgia: SMS is cheaper – 5 rubles., Incoming calls are 7 rubles. per minute, the price of outgoing calls – 17 rubles. per minute plus connection service – 25 rubles. For the rest of the countries price tag above.

In Russia

For traveling around the country it is worth connecting the service "My Country": these are free from the second minute of conversation (first minute – 2.5 rubles.), cheap outgoing calls and SMS – 2.5 rubles. It is advantageous and the fact that the service is not charged for the subscriber, you only pay for the connection – 25 rubles.

Other options

You can buy a local SIM card on arrival – it is convenient and cheap to make calls through the host country, however, calls and messages home will cost expensive. There is a more versatile communication means in travel – international tourist SIM cards: for example, "Stendel" or "Goodline" of the Estonian operator. They work in almost all countries of the world, incoming calls, as a rule, free, outgoing calls are from $ 0.15 per minute (the tariff depends on the country), it is possible to tie a map to your "native" our number, besides this card You can call via Skype or web form on the website of the companies – in this case, the incoming call becomes for you paid ($ 0.20 per minute). The catch is that if your interlocutor calls on an ordinary phone to your "Goodline" or "Stendel" SIM card, the conversation will be regarded as international, since the rooms at Simok Estonian (with the prefix +372). This can be avoided if you give a map to your usual telephone number, but in this case the incoming call stops being free – it costs $ 0.15 per minute. Maps are sold with a certain limit on the account, there are several tariffs. But keep in mind: if the SIM card does not use a year, then the money is frozen until the first replenishment of the balance. And if the card breaks down without a case, the money burned. In Russia, it does not work.

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