How to save in Monaco

Everyone knows that the Principality of Monaco is paradise and expensive place. Here they hang out rich, and on the number of expensive yachts and cars bother in the eyes. And even though there are no hostels on the territory of the state, there is a way to get acquainted with Monaco Maximum Déshevo – Go for one day. More and not necessary! Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to spend the day in Monaco to the maximum.

How to get

Monaco – a small principality on the corner of France not far from the border with Italy. If you are traveling along the azure shore and stop in Nice, then to Monaco you will have a bus or train.


You need a station Nice Le Port, And there are looking for Bus number 100. For a half euros and an hour of time, he will bring you to the station Monaco Place des Moulins. The bus is traveling on a beautiful serpentine, so sitting down the window – the coast view will eat all the attention and the road will pass unnoticed.


At the station Gare De Nice Ville Sit down to the train station Monaco Monte Carlo. The ticket will cost about 4 euros, but in the afternoon.

There is another option – to go from Menton. This small city is different from Monaco, only he is closer than Nice. The bus and the train goes less and costs the Euro-two cheaper.


If you want to kill and get to the small state as a rich – on the water (imagining that you are on your own yacht), then choose a tour of a tourist ship from Nice or Menton. It is more expensive and longer, but it is very beautiful. You need a little more than 15 euros and an hour and a half time.

What to see

Although the state and dwarf, but the sights in it have a lot. See everything will not work purely physically. We do not recommend making a march and all day breaking our heads on the mini-state – you will quickly get tired, because the terrain is hilly. We will talk about the most interesting and mast cities, and you already decide that your attention is worth.

In Monaco, the four main district (in fact they are more, but for ease of navigation, we divide four):

  • Monaco-Ville (rock) – the old part of the city;
  • La Kondamin – Erkul port district;
  • Monte Carlo – Casino, Domino and so on;
  • Lavrothto – a huge beach hooked there.

Princely Palace

To this day, the family of Grimaldi lives in the palace and rules the dwarf state. But some of the palace is open for tourists: From April to October, you can watch the front halls for 8 euros, and for another 8 euros, you can check out the collection of rare cars. In the summer, the concerts of classical music are arranged on the territory of the palace, you can also get!

How to save in Monaco

Oceanographic museum

It will be interesting here to those who as a child watched the transfer with Jacques Kusto, because he led this museum three decades. Especially beautiful museum looks from the sea, as it is on a sheer cliff. Seemingly not tell you that the museum is more like an impregnable castle.

Inside there is an oceanarium, scientific laboratories and even lecture halls. And on the roof, a restaurant with a beautiful view of the sea. A ticket to the museum is not cheaper – 16 euros, but there is every spent cent.

Walk in Porto

Love yachts? Then walk in the port and on the embankments, dozens of yachts are moored there, and all of them – whose property. You can even stop and dream that one of them is yours. But not long, we have a walk all day.

Casino Monte Carlo

Here, gambling comrades need to be careful. In the foyer casino, you can enter absolutely anyone who wants: to take a picture, snack in a cafe, just look at the decoration. And to enter the game rooms, you will need a passport and 10 dollars. Interestingly, local is forbidden to visit the casino, it is only for visitors.

Botanical Garden

There are so many exotic plants that in the garden is a unique aroma of 365 days a year. And in the garden there is a natural grotto with stalactites and stalagmites. Since the garden is located on the hill, it opens a beautiful view of the city. For the entrance will have to pay 7 euros.

Japanese garden

Another beautiful garden on the territory of Monaco – Japanese. This is the case if you suddenly lose yourself in all the luxury of the dwarf state. Much for the garden was delivered directly from Japan. Is it worth saying that unity with nature is heavily felt here, and the atmosphere fully has a mental process?


As elsewhere, eat in Monaco cheaper than just in supermarkets, and not restaurants. About 10 euros will leave the coffee sandwich, in a cafe a little more. And in Monaco there is an interesting chip – Wine to Go. It’s like coffee with you, not only coffee, and wine. Walking on the ground of millionaires with a glass of wine – what can be more pleasant?


To visit Monaco, the ours will need French Schengen. To do this, contact the Embassy of France in your city, since the representation of Monaco in Russia is not. Requirements for French Schengen Standard, visa collection too.

As you can see, being a tourist in Monaco is not so expensive (if you do not spend the night). Even if you do not have extra euro on the museums, the eye will still be nice to look at the principality from the inside, and one pleasure walks down the streets. On the one hand – hills and villas, on the other – the sea. And in Monaco, the Grand Prix is ​​held at Formula 1! But tickets for F1 – a completely different story.

How to save in Monaco

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