How to save in Helsinki

Many people know that Finland is an expensive country. Travel, accommodation, food, services – everything is very expensive, compared with the our Federation. But still you can save, if you know some subtleties.

1. Travel in urban transport is free for a passenger with a pram. Indeed, if you drive a child in a wheelchair, do not pay anything for travel. The bus driver will open you the second door for a free entrance. Not paying only the passenger who drives the stroller.

2. In urban transport for children from 7 to 16 years old there are discounts (40-50 percent discount on the cost of a full ticket). Children up to 7 years fare is free.

3. Ticket for urban transport in Helsinki and suburbs allows you to use the metro, trams and buses during the time of the ticket with any number of transfers.

4. Supermarkets in the evening can additionally take a certain amount for maintenance. For example, K-Supermarket takes a little less than 2 euros after 20 hours from each check.

How to save in Helsinki

5. In many stores, you can use VAT return service – Tax FREE (Global Blue), even by mail. This allows you to return from 10 percent of the price of goods (cash or bank card) upon departure outside the European Union. The minimum amount of each check is 40 euros.

6. Card Helsinki you can take for free in most large hotels in Finland’s capital or in the tourist center in Helsinki, as well as at Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

7. Do not change rubles for euro and euros on rubles in Finland, t. To. Commission (laid down) is more than 10 percent.

How to save in Helsinki

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