How to save a sinking person

The roast sun pens into the water of all: swimming masters and «Teapots», Frequently drunk and with a sailing heart. Some jump into the unfamiliar pond, where the bottom can be covered with snag and reinforcement. In this case, cheerful pastime can turn into a tragedy.

So, the rest should be remembered by the following rules:

  • swim better in the morning or in the evening when the sun warms, but there is no danger of overheating. The water temperature should be no less than 17 – 19°WITH. You can swim in the water you can not more than 20 minutes, and this time should increase gradually, from 3 – 5 min. You can not bring yourself to chills. When supercooling, cramps may occur, the respiratory stop, loss of consciousness. It is better to swim several times at 15 – 20 minutes, and on the breaks to play mobile games: volleyball, badminton;
  • Do not enter, do not jump into the water after a long stay in the sun. Peripheral vessels are highly expanded for greater heat transfer. When cooled in the water, there is a sharp reflex cutout of the muscles, which entails the respiratory stop;
  • Do not enter into water into intoxicated. Alcohol blocks a thorough and vasodent center in the brain;
  • If there is no nearby beach, you need to choose a safe place with a gradual bias. Never jump in places that are not equipped specifically;
  • Do not swim far, t.To. You can not calculate your forces. Feeling fatigue, do not get lost and strive, as quickly as possible to get to the shore. Necessary «rest» On water. For this, be sure to go swimming on the back. Turning over to the back and keeping yourself on the surface with light movements of hands and legs, you can relax;
  • If you capture the flow, do not try to fight it. It is necessary to sail downstream, gradually, at a low angle, approaching the shore;
  • How to save a sinking person
  • not lured, even if you got into the whirlpool. It is necessary to dial more air into the lungs, immerse yourself in water and, making a strong jerk to the side, pop up.

To avoid tragedy and save the drowning, follow the tips of the rescuers:

Your assistance is often often the only chance for him to return to life, – Talk to the GIMS of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. – If the will of the case of the rescuer turned out to be, then you need to remember several rules.

1. You saw that a man started sinking.

2. You can’t waste time, but be careful. Swim to a rapid person you just need from behind. Otherwise, in the attack of panic, he will start clinging for you, you fall out the water and save already two.

3. Swimming to a thin person, you need to pick it up under the mouse (or grab it), flip face up and sail to the shore.

IMPORTANT! Do not let him turn over and grasp you.

4. After pulling out the flying person out of the water, put it with a stomach on a bent knee, face down and start pressed by hand on the back to roll out water from the lungs. Note that the head is lower than the chest. Any piece of matter remove from mouth and nose water, tina and vomit. If there is no vomit, then you need to turn the victim to the back and check the pulse.

5. It should be remembered that if the respiratory has not resumed for 1-2 minutes – it can lead to the death of the victim. The main sign of the heart stop – the absence of the pulse, extended pupils.

In this case, it is necessary to immediately proceed to artificial respiration “Mouth in Roth” and indirect heart massage: 4-5 sharp presses on the chest and then one air blowing (16 pits per minute, 64-90 pressing).

In the elderly, pressing gentle, small children put pressure on not palm, and fingers.

ATTENTION! It is impossible to make an indirect massage when there is at least a weak pulse. Your action you can on the contrary to stop the heart. Therefore, before sharply pressing on the chest, make sure that the pulse is not.

How to save a sinking person

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