How to run a marathon on vacation?

If walking around the cities is already boring – run on them. Noticed that recently it became fashionable to participate in the races? Case noble and healthy health. Yes, and that compares with the feeling when you cross the finish, and you applaud all strangers! And if it all happens in New York, for example? Yes, and than a running marathon is not a reason for a visa or not a reason to go on a journey? Tell me in the article where to run, in the literal sense of the word.

Running tourism

Let’s not play the doctors and list all the beneficial properties of the run, you and you think about what. Let’s look at the run on the other side – as a reason for travel.

The trip may have many reasons and topics: the places of shooting of interesting films, the desire to pass in the footsteps of some saint, to visit the homeland of your favorite writer \ director \ actor. Surveillance of stars, desire to help on some farm to collect grapes, stroking the alpine borer or land a dozen trees for the future park – all this is also a pleasant and interesting reason to go on a trip for the tried lands. Sports events and run – no exception. Yes, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare and change the habits if you decide to do this seriously, but there is nothing impossible. Running marathons are another way to get acquainted with the city and feel like a part of something important.

Of course, you must first appreciate your health and opportunities, of course, you need to start training in advance and with small distances. I want to believe that everything is clear: so just from scratch you hardly run 10 kilometer marathon. Before plunging with your head in it, consult your doctor.

It’s not free?

Yes, in most cases, participation in (sex) by the marathon paid. Just imagine: the organizers need to disperse the race of the race, to equip the pit feet with snacks and water, attract medical professionals just in case. All this is not for thanks, so contributions are made from the marathon participants. In Russia, the cost of participation starts from 500-1000 rubles. A small price to run a few kilometers, get a medal or certificate, and on the finish delicious. At some races in Germany, at the finish, they treat the beer at all, and in Japan, the soup with noodles – the hungry will not be right away.

Foreign swells start from 20 euros. The price depends on the kilometer, the complexity of the race, venues and other factors. Sometimes the cost comes to 50 euros, but it is already very cool events. Add clothes, special sneakers and accessories for running – to invest everything will have to be, but the result is exactly what.

How to choose the race?

If the run is not all your life, but just a useful hobby, then look for skills in the place where you plan to go on vacation. There is another option to look at the Internet where and what will be planned and, already on the basis of this, plan a vacation at the site of race or nearby.

And here is an important advice: do not choose only at the place, look at kilometer. 5 km or less for the newbie will be just right, 10 km – it is heavy, if you are not running every day. It is likely that you or will come down from a distance or ship to the finish already out of our consciousness. The main thing is to listen and understand your body, and to start running on the treadmill to understand your capabilities.

Find yourself a marathon or a little race on any site Type it or this (throw in Russia)

Like a journey is associated with travel?

Directly. Ordinary travels pass among zooak tourists to popular places. The race can not pass in the center of the city, but in such an area wherever you don’t think come. It does not mean that you will run on slums, sometimes the track passes albeit outside the city, but in picturesque places or along the river. There are special tracks when you run through a hilly area or somewhere in the mountains.

How to tune in and not throw?

How to run a marathon on vacation

Sometimes, when something does not work or give it hard we throw and score. In running just. Will first be bad, hard and slow. Involuntly run thoughts: "Well, this marathon in New York! Walk there going through someday!»But then the main thing is not to break and continue. Another important point – put a goal. Choose some particular marathon and get ready for it by participating in small. When there is a specific goal, it’s easier to go to her, agree?

For beginners are Interesting site about running. There you can even get a test that will help to decide on the type of race. And many more advice, how to prepare, where to start and how not to quit run.

From which marathons start?

Not all the races enough to pay money to participate. On top marathons in Berlin, London, Chicago, Boston or New York, it is also necessary to provide results from the past race to the same distance. If the results are not very, you may simply do not take. There are always many wishes to popular, there are even a lottery to participate there. But we are talking about full-fledged marathons by 42 km. For beginners, it is too late, so it is better to start with small race in your city. In Russia, there are also many races on various distances, which is much easier to sign. In Minsk and Kyiv, many affordable occasions for everyone, we recommend moving there after trying around Russia.

Following you can already hide short erections in Europe. And as soon as you get decent results, you can already put on the Boston!

Interesting Facts

  • During the race you can and even need to move. As soon as you feel that you have not really, slow down. This is not scary, the main thing is to meet during the established by the organizers.
  • In summer, marathons are rarely arranged due to heat. Most of all occasions in spring and autumn.
  • Previously, the distance of the marathon was about 40 km, but at the request of the royal family it was extended to 42 km. They just wanted to see the marathon from the windows of her palace.
  • There are people who establish anti-advertises on marathons. One dressed in the costume of the diver and ran the London marathon in 5 days. Another – changed clothes in the suit of the snail and "proppas" the same marathon in 26 days.

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How to run a marathon on vacation

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