How to Return Vat Refund (VAT Tax) in Thailand

"We Love to Shop in Thailand!»So go in one of the popular local songs. True, what tourist does not like shopping in the country of eternal summer. After all, it is not enough that many things here are selling cheaper (even taking into account the ruble rate), but you can also get back to 7% of the purchase price! Called such pleasure vat refund (Value Added Tax). Agree, it’s nice to regain a part of the spent. But here there are features and pitfalls. In this article, we collected the most important points for which you need to pay attention to you do not have problems and difficulties to get a return.

Who has the right to return the tax of VAT in the amount of 7%

Return of the purchase of a purchase – Certainly, a nice bonus. But here there are a number of restrictions. Pay you get if:

  • The thing was purchased in the store marked with Vat Refund.
  • Purchase is made no earlier than 60 days before departure.
  • The amount spent on the purchase, above 2000 (64.02 USD) (and in some cases 5000 (160.04 USD)) Thai Bat.
  • From Thailand you fly through the international airport.
  • You are not a citizen / resident of the country of smiles or a member of the crew of an aircraft located in flight.
  • How to Return Vat Refund (VAT Tax) in Thailand

How and where to get Vat Refund

Return of value added tax (VAT) is carried out when departing at international airports. Officially, it is 7%, but in fact, the amount will be 4-7%, depending on the total purchase cost. The more expensive thing – the more you get back.
Airports in which VAT returns can be obtained:

  1. Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok
  2. Don Muang, Bangkok
  3. Chiang Mai
  4. Phuket
  5. Hat Yai
  6. U-Tapao
  7. Krabi
  8. Koh Samui

If you are configured to receive Vat Refount, do not forget about the following points:

  • Take a passport with you, without it, it is not possible to make a refund.
  • Pay attention to the showcases. For goods purchased in the markets or in small stores, the refund is not provided. In major shopping centers, look for the "Vat Refound for Tourists" sign on the windows, near the cash register or near the entrance door.
  • When buying, ask the seller fill the form p.P.10 Full name – Vat Refound Application for Tourists.
  • Be sure to take a check, it will need to be present at the airport.

VAT Return at Suvarnabhumi Airport

To get a refund at Suvarnabhumi airport, follow a simple scheme:

  1. On the 4th floor, where there is a registration for flying out of Bangkok aircraft, go right to the end of the hall. Here is the office of Vat Refund. Employees will ask for a product, certificate obtained in the store, passport and purchase check.
  2. If all documents are in order, a red print will be put on the certificate. Be careful, without such a mark, the refund will not produce.
  3. Pass passport control and in the Duty Free Duty area near the D1-D4 outputs find the cashier Vat Refund. It is not difficult to do it, you will be given pointers to the right place.
  4. At the checkout, presenting a check, passport and certificate, you will receive money in the form of a check in a bank, transfer to a credit card or cash in local units.

Important! Change Thai Bati for dollars or euro in the bank located in the Duty Free zone.

As you can see, everything is not so scary and difficult. Be careful and let the shopping brings only pleasure.

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