How to return to Aeroflot?

Due to different circumstances, there is sometimes a need to refund or exchange tickets. All airlines have different conditions for sharing or returning tickets.

In order to make an exchange or refund with the lowest cash loss, you must buy a ticket every time you are interested in the conditions of this process.

Types of refund of air tickets

To date, there are two types of refund:

  1. Voluntary refund;
  2. Forced refund.

Each of these types of return has its own characteristics and differences in the process of processing the process.

The first option of the ticket refund is made on the passenger’s own initiative due to certain circumstances.

This type of return is made in accordance with the rules, restrictions and fines established by the airline depending on the ticket tariff.

As practice shows, strict exchanging conditions apply to budget flights.

Flights acquired at low cost when returning are fined, also have a certain period of time to which it can be returned.

When buying an inexpensive ticket, it is recommended to specify the possibility if necessary to return or change the ticket.

The exchange and return of tickets is made in those box office, which was purchased.

The second return option is made without financial deductions from the passenger, and its value is paid in full.

Such a refund is carried out in such cases:

  • Cancellation, transfer or significant flight delay;
  • Landing immersion in the specified location marked in the ticket;
  • Flight rampant in case of transplant;
  • Changing the servicing class of designations in the ticket;
  • If the passenger refused to issue a visa (not practiced in all airlines);
  • Tragic circumstances of the passenger (death of his or his family members).

All of the above cases when returning a ticket are considered individually according to their tariffs.

What is non-return tickets?

Most airlines, non-return tickets – this is a budget flight option and returning or exchanged all risks are assigned passengers.

With this tariff, return funds for a ticket is possible only in the cases described in the aircraft.

In Russia, such a ticket rate appeared quite recently and is not present in all airlines.

This innovation allows you to significantly save passengers on flights.

It was assumed that such a tariff would allow to develop the market of Looicers of the our Federation. But as practice shows, most airlines transferred their cheap tickets to aptive tariff.

How to return to Aeroflot

When buying a cheap ticket, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with its rules and tariff conditions.

Basic Rules for Return / Exchange of tickets to Aeroflot

Return or movability of Aeroflot is made in accordance with the following rules:

  • Return / Exchange Ticket is made in the office of the company that made the sale of a ticket (Previously, it was possible to produce this procedure by phone).
  • Also, if the passenger does not have the ability to independently make the exchange or return procedure, it can entrust it to a trusted person. In order for a trusting person to make the exchange / return procedure, it needs to have a notarized power of attorney.
  • Budget and discount tickets have large financial deductions when surrender. Such a ticket, as a rule, can be returned not early than a week before departure and no later than twenty four hours. Calculate the ticket can not be done if the flight flew out.
  • Different restrictions apply to various ticket rates, Recommended to familiarize yourself with them when buying a ticket.
  • Exchange ticket for a ticket with another date or departure time, you can pay extra charge. The amount of additional payments depends on the tariff tariff.
  • To return the ticket you need to have a ticket with youand a route receipt with a stamp of the airline. Also on the route receipt should be the reason for the return (flight delay, passenger disease, etc. D.) depending on the type of return.

Aeroflot: Return of tickets, penalty when surrender

If a person voluntarily decided to pass a ticket, he will have to pay a fine. Its amount depends on the tariff tariff and its class.

Also, the amount of the fine depends on the type of flight is international or internal.

The amounts of the fine for the return of the airline Aeroflot as follows:

  • Domestic flights. Penalty for a refund is 1400 rublesand 25% of the cost of the ticket , If the delivery takes place within a day before departure. If the ticket is to take one day before departure, then the amount of the fine is 1400 rubles .
  • International flights. The amount of the fine is 35 Euroand 25% of the cost of the ticket , If the delivery takes place within a day before departure. Passing a ticket for a day before departure of the flight, the penalty will be 35 Euro .

Issue tourist medical insurance

Comparison of the cost of fines with other airlines

If you compare the popular airlines of Russia, the cost of fines for the return of the ticket will be:

  • Airline "S7" The penalty for the refund of the ticket of international flights is 25 Euro . The penalty when surrendering the ticket of domestic flights will be 900 rubles ;
  • Ryanair airline Does not return tickets. The terms of the airline are allowed to change the date and time of flight departure;
  • Airline "Thaiairways" It is not penalized for the return of the ticket if his surrender is made more than a day before the departure;
  • Airlines "Utair" When returning a ticket keeps with a passenger 200 rubles . Other penalties to the passenger company does not apply.

How to return an electronic ticket to Aeroflot?

The process of returning an electronic ticket is not much different from paper, but has some differences.

To make an electronic ticket refund in Aeroflot, you must follow the following processes:

  • Click on the "Buy ticket" section on the Aeroflot website;
  • Next, click "Booking Search / Exchange / Return";
  • Enter your ticket booking code and Familia, specified in the ticket;
  • Then press "Return";
  • A few days later, the return of money will come to you, on which the purchase was made.

Tips that can be useful when returning / exchange tickets

To return or exchange a ticket without disappointments, it is recommended to follow the following advice:

  • Since all airlines reserve the right to make changes to the Return / Ticket Conditions, It is recommended when purchasing it to check with the manager all the nuances of the return. All conditions for the return of tickets are installed by airlines operate in the our Federation.
  • In case of the need for passing a ticket, outside Russia, you need to specify the details in the telephone with the airline of the seles. Or in airline offices
  • Ticket refund is made in the company or the checkout in which it was purchased.
  • Tickets Acquisition on the action or advertising are not refundable. As a rule, information about it is written in small fonts on the ticket.
  • If the ticket payment was made by a plastic card, then the return of funds will be produced there.
  • Depending on the date of departure and seasonality, the price of one and the same ticket class may differ.
  • The refund of the children’s ticket is made according to the same rules as for adult.

Pedantic attitude when buying a ticket will avoid unpredictable disappointments if you need to return.

Where is the return of tickets?

Ticket delivery is made directly in the places of acquiring them.

E-ticket delivery is performed using the airline’s Internet resource. To give a regular ticket, the presence of a person who bought it personally.

In case of the impossibility of a passenger, a person returned to be a trusted person with a notarized document.

Temporary framework in which you can make a return ticket can be found from managers or on the company’s website.

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