How to return the difference in the cost of tickets?

Imagine that you have planned your travel for a long time, selected tickets suitable at the cost, and as soon as they bought them, the airline announces sale. And now your tickets are not 20,000, but only 12,000.

Is it possible to do something in this situation? It is difficult to believe, but some airlines return the difference.

First of all, look at the tariff rules. If your ticket is a returnable, then problems with the exchange of ticket on the same, but at the cheaper rate, it will not arise.

If you initially searched for tickets for cheaper, then most likely you have aptive ticket. It’s more complicated here, and depends on the airline policy. Just a few carriers practice such returns, they are also called &# 8220; Rollover&# 8221;. Money is usually returned not in cash, but give an electronic voucher, which you can use within one year.

True, this is not the most optimal option. If you got a 100 $ voucher, and on the purchase of a ticket you are going to spend only $ 80, then the remaining $ 20 burned.

Some companies in such cases issued loans &# 8211; There is more space, if you have $ 20 in a similar situation, you can spend them when buying the next ticket.

How to return the difference in the cost of tickets

Total Two Airlines Practice Such Returns: Alaska and Jetblue.

Others will require a fee for the exchange of the collection, the size of which, in most cases, exceeds the difference itself.

Airtran and Virgin America will take 75 $ with you, Av Supponia Hawaiian Airlines, requires a collection of $ 100. And United, Continental, Delta, US Airways and American will take it more than more than $ 150 for the exchange of ticket. Naturally, the difference in value should exceed the collection that you pay for the exchange.

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