How to return money for air ticket – Non-return tickets does not happen

Buying tickets long before the flight is often cheaper than in dates close to departure, so many try to buy them in advance. However, plans may change at any time. Tell me how to return the money for a ticket (at least part), even if the airline says that they can not be returned.

Usually the airline gives not the full amount. Now I will tell you what options.

In what cases do you owe you to return money for tickets and what amount

Return of tickets is voluntary or forced.

When tickets return voluntarily, the ticket price is returned, but the airline leaves a certain percentage.

If tickets are purchased in the first or business class, as well as the "dear tariff", which makes it possible to shift the date of departure and buy tickets back with open dates, then you can even return them even if the plane has already flew away, but with a small fine.

Any ticket of tickets offers a passenger. Choosing tariffs that are characterized by price and carriage conditions. Cheap and promotional tariffs usually do not include return service / ticket exchange service.

Full-tariff tickets provide for the opportunity to pass a ticket and return its full cost if you consult a minimum of one day before departure (day – standard option, but each airline can set your conditions for the time of delivery time).

When the ticket price is returned 100%

When in the fact that you did not fly to the fault of the airline – the flight was detained for three hours and more or canceled

If the carrier changes the departure plan, cancels the flight, then the passenger is offered to change the ticket.

All material costs associated with the replacement of the ticket are solved by the carrier. If an alternative is not suitable, then the company is obliged to return the passenger the entire cost of the ticket according to the Law of the our Federation from 07.02.1992 "On the Protection of Consumer Rights".

If the passenger agreed to replace the ticket, and later decided to pass it, then this is considered a voluntary return, and the term is extended to several months.

When the passenger died

The cost of the ticket is returned for four hours, but can last and until the week. I hope no one will need such a service.

There are other unforeseen cases when the airline returns ticket costs, but not in full. The reason for such a return tickets can be any event that prevents departure is not the fault of the passenger. For example:

  • The embassy was denied a visa to a passenger or a member of his family;
  • Disaster;
  • Emergencies and accidents;
  • Accident;
  • Sudden illness, the need for hospitalization;
  • Death family member;
  • Appointment of the trial;
  • Military Call.

In these cases, a / k compensates for ticket costs, leaving itself a certain percentage of their value, which each carrier determines itself, indicating this information in the return routes.

It is important to take into account that our laws on the rules of return and exchange of tickets work only for carriers that fly in the territory of the our legal field. For example, if the passenger decides to pass the ticket to France-Russia, referring to the possibility of compensation according to our laws, it is unlikely to achieve the desired result.

How to return money for air tickets if you refused a visa

Many embassies require a large package of information testifying that you are not going to stay in the country for permanent residence, including confirmation of rental housing and air tickets.

If you returned a passport with a refusal in a visa – you can return money for tickets.

Contact the airline and request the return of tickets. Present a copy of your passport with a failure stamp and a copy of the letter of refusal from the embassy, ​​in which your full name is indicated.

Some consulates themselves guide a letter of refusal to the air carrier, through which you bought a ticket, but the availability of such a service must be clarified in the service center. After the provision of documents, the airline will report the amount of the return amount and a fine for the refund. For up to 10-20 days, airlines reimburse the passenger tools.

How to return money for air tickets if you get sick

I immediately note that not all air carriers consider a sudden disease cause to recognize the return of tickets forced and compensate.

In case of illness, you need to contact the airline service, and if you confirm the possibility of refunding money, you need to provide a hospital list or any other document that indicates a disease.

When one family member is sick, and tickets need to be returned to everyone – additionally require documents indicating related to sick. Each company establishes its percentage of a fine in case of a passenger disease. Funds are returned to the card in time until 1 month.

How to return money for air ticket - Non-return tickets does not happen

What to do if the airline refused to return funds

This, unfortunately, is not uncommon, and especially relevant for domestic air carriers. If you are confident in your right and provided a full package of documents, but you ignore or refuse to return, you can be sent to:

  • Article 108 of the Air Code of the our Federation (for voluntary return). Compensation is required if the ticket rate includes the possibility of its return, and the passenger fit into the established time frame for delivery.
  • Clause 227 of the Federal Aviation Rules (for forced return). Compensation is required if the reason for the transportation is provided for by the Return Return Rules in a specific airline.

Subtlety Return Money for flights

Non-refundable tickets or systems LowCost

On July 24, 2015, non-refundable tickets were introduced for the development of the our airline-louxer service system. The system did not particularly fit, but most of the companies "Walked" the moment and left non-return tickets.

Their cost is significantly lower than fullness, but is limited to the space for maneuver: the passenger cannot change the dates of departure, but to return money for a ticket very and very difficult.

But here there is a little trick.

The Air Code of the our Federation established that completely non-return tickets does not happen, so part of the money will be able to return anyway. According to Art. 108 reimbursed the total cost of any ticket, if this happens not by the fault of the passenger, and he appealed to the service earlier than 1 day before departure.

Open Date tickets

Tickets with an open date are suitable for those who have not yet decided on the exact departure date.

The passenger at any time can "fit" the date in accordance with its needs. Return the cost of a ticket with an open date can be, even if it is partially used (the flight provides for several transplant points, and the passenger overcame, for example, only two of them).

To return the cost of a ticket with an open date, which:

  • Partially used, it is necessary to declare within 2 years from the moment of the first flight;
  • Not used – it is necessary to declare within 2 years from the date of purchase of the ticket.


Overbook allows airlines not to leave "in minus" from return tickets. But there are such cases when tickets sold more than there are places on board the aircraft, and all passengers were on the flight.

In this situation Wines lies only on the airlineAnd, so it is obliged to eliminate inconvenience for victims affected by passengers:

  1. The airline checks the availability of free places in the business class, as it is cheaper to offer a passenger with such a replacement than to refuse to fly. All possible passenger translation costs in the business class pays the airline.
  2. If there are no free places in the business class, the airline declares the search for volunteers who will agree not to fly in favor of another passenger. As you guess, there are practically no such people.
  3. If the previous version does not help, the carrier removes the passenger from the initial flight and offers an alternative. Passenger may require material compensation For those delivered inconvenience, the size of which is influenced by the flight distance and waiting time for an alternative flight.

Overbuking practice is distributed in the West. For example, in the United States, passengers who have fallen under overbooking are offered vouchers for further flights, as well as many different bonuses and compensation.

Overbucking is practiced by our carriers.

In case you suffered from resale tickets, first of all, you must contact the airline. Many passengers who have already experienced all the "delights" of overbooking, argue that it is directly difficult to achieve a carrier of compensation, the law on the prohibition of ticket resale in Russia does not exist, and therefore it has nothing to defend themselves.

If you refused to compensate, you can safely go to court – usually the question is solved in favor of the passenger.

How to get compensation in case of cancellation or delay

Depending on the circumstances, airlines can pay compensation for:

  • delay or cancellation of the flight;
  • failure to transport;
  • problems with luggage.

On the opportunity to get money from a / k, the flight range, delay time, docking time and other factors in which it is difficult to understand yourself. Therefore, you may not even know what compensation is relying.

Service Compensair Allows you to receive payments for all detainees or canceled flights over the past 3 years. He assumes all legal proceedings with airlines. Commission for services – 25%, and only if the service has achieved a decision to pay.

There is a nuance: Compensair can only help with EU, Turkey and US flights. To check whether you are compensated for any of the flights, you need to tie your email. mail to compensair. The service itself monitors flights on its base and reports for which of them you can potentially get paid.

How to return money for air ticket - Non-return tickets does not happen

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