How to return a ticket on the day of purchase

And what if we say that you can return to the air ticket on the day of purchase? Every after all happens: they saw, for example, such cheap tickets that they bought without rear thought, and then only remembered that they were going to parents. To return money, you need to cancel a ticket

Cancellation of the ticket – this is invalidation. It is possible only on the day of purchase. Causes can be different:

  • mistaken in the direction
  • bought not on those dates
  • changed his mind to fly and understood it immediately after buying a ticket

I do not need a ticket to do?

If you need to cancel a ticket for some reason, then do not tighten with it. Some airlines annul the purchased tickets within the hour from the date of payment, someone during the day is always a lottery. The earlier you refer, the greater the chance of a favorable outcome.

How to return a ticket on the day of purchase

When buying a ticket in the airline, contact the airline support service. There you are oriented in the timing of cancellation and formalities. This is a free procedure.

If you bought a ticket from the agent, contact the Agent Support. But in this case there will have to pay a small collection – in the Cubicle it is 700 rubles.

Important: The ability to cancel a ticket depends on the rules of the airline. For example, tickets purchased from the Airlines "Victory" can not be canceled.

The reasons for the ban on the cancellation of the ticket from airlines:

  • technical reasons;
  • before the departure remained less than 48 hours;
  • You have already registered for the flight;
  • Registration on the flight is closed.

Example: You have bought a ticket on the day of departure, have already been registered, but for some reason you are forced to cancel him. Do it will already be impossible. First you need to remove your registration, and this is not always possible.

What other tickets can not be canceled:

  • Flights purchased from Louroy airlines
  • Charter flight tickets

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How to return a ticket on the day of purchase

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