How to restore miles by program &# 8220; Aeroflot Bonus&# 8221;

If you often fly, you probably have already come across cases when miles were not accrued for your flight. Consider the algorithm of actions in such a situation on the example of one of the most popular loyalty programs – &# 8220; Aeroflot Bonus&# 8221;.

Restoring the miles of the program &# 8220; Aeroflot Bonus&# 8221; When flying Aeroflot Aeroflot flights, Nordavia and Raslavia

You can solve this problem in several ways, the easiest and fastest &# 8211; It is to enter the data of the unaccounted flight in a special section of a personal account ( &# 8220; send info about the perfect flight&# 8221; ) on the Aeroflot website.

You can also send an application and copies of the fax +7 (495) 725-43-56 or Email Bonus @ Aeroflot.Ru.

These ways can be used only if you flew up regular flights of Aeroflot (Flight Code), Donavia, Nordavia, Vladavia and the ticket number begins with 555 (and more than 10 digits).

Restoring miles, when flying on the flights of the SkyTeam Alliance.

How to restore miles according to the program; Aeroflot Bonus.

In this case, restore miles through the personal account, do not work out, you need to send by mail in &# 8220; Aeroflot Bonus&# 8221; Originals of the boarding pass and the route receipt (if you had an electronic tickets) or tickets. These documents can be conveyed through the representative office of Aeroflot.

Note that Aeroflot periodically changes the rules for the accumulation of miles on partner flights (percentage of miles, booking classes on which miles are not accrued and t.D.). Read more with changes can be found in the section &# 8220; partners&# 8221; On the airline website.

If you have a card of any other airline, which is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, remember that miles can only be charged in one program.

Miles accrued to the account is made within 30 days after verifying the data provided by you. The required documentation for the restoration of miles can be provided within 3 months from the date of flight.

How to restore miles according to the program; Aeroflot Bonus.

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