How to rent profitable housing in the Philippines?

This year I visited 4 times in the Philippines and this time the exact idea of ​​how best to rent housing in the Philippines is most profitable: for a long time and short.

What I put in the concept &# 171; advantageous accommodation&# 187; in the Philippines? For me, this is primarily comfort, cleanliness and your vacation space at an affordable average price.

Our apartments in Bochol

On the photo example of housing, what we rented this time &# 8212; overlooking the pool, with air conditioning, with kitchens outside, comfortable bed, sofa, TV, with refrigerator, with a wardrobe, good for the Philippines internet and safe.

Such accommodation cost us at 21.000 Pesos for a month, which justifies the funds, because Motobike is still on this cost.

But if you can not afford similar apartments, that is, options without air conditioning, without a kitchen, with a smaller twice by square meters, but with a bike and with the same pool For 16.000 Pesos per month .

This is the area of ​​Alona Beach &# 8212; Popular Beach in Panglao. Someone considers it one of the best.

Kitchen in the house, swimming pool and motorbikes on the background, which are included in the cost of each house

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Short term

In order to buy housing for rent in the Philippines for a short time (up to 7 nights) I recommend using the Asian Site for Booking Housing: Agoda.Com

Sometimes it can be more profitable than to book the same housing offline on arrival. The Agoda site often holds discounts and promotions to different accommodation options. Pay attention to them.

For example, for the same. Panglao (Bochol) found an option for 1233 ruble per day with an action. Cheap prices can be found in Cebu and for other places.

When searching for advantageous apartments, Guesthouse recommended to build a list of options for the most excellent rating &# 8212; not lower than 7 (with the number of reviews from 10). Then choose the option of them at that price that will be acceptable for you.

So you can understand how much the owner asked for this accommodation earlier and is it worth going there.

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Long term

To book housing in the Philippines for a long time, everything is much easier: Book in advance for the first 2 nights with accommodation on the website of Airbnb or on the same Agoda.COM to be on the first day of the search for housing where to do.

They themselves rent a motorbike or car, taxis or on the same trainsclach with a driver and watch the locations of the apartments, rooms or houses surrendered for rent.

One of the accommodation options in the city, which we found, but which we have not chosen because of the high price &# 8212; 26.000 Pesos per month (without bike)

If you work at a computer or you just desirable good Internet, and this is from 2 MB / s. on downloading in the Philippines. In this case, necessarily Check it with the SpeedTest program Before settled in a new home.

Internet speed in the apartment that we stopped

Where I travel now &# 8212; O.Bohol There is a huge number of options for booking, but excellent accommodation options at an affordable price (such as what we found) almost 90% booked and filled with guests.

Sometimes in the price of accommodation from different apartments that we have met Motobike turned on, which is very pleased.

Personal experience search housing

By arrival on about.Bohol I and Stanislav (boyfriend) rented Motobike in the city for 500 pesos per day . Within 2 incomplete days, we traveled about 18 housing options both in the city of Tagbilaran (not tourist) and on.Panglao (Tourist).

The most acceptable accommodation options for the price and amenities were in the tourist area &# 8212; Near Alon Beach Beach.

It turned out that all 15 housing options were not suitable for comfort, location, price. They were either without a kitchen or in unsafe place or without a good internet.

In hotels, you are unlikely to offer a discount of more than 10% for long stay. Focus on Guesthouse and Private Apartments

We have already despaired and in the evening of the second day of searching for housing for a month thought to rent something from viewed, but could not choose.

Then I called familiar from Russia, who has long lived in the Philippines and asked the Council. He said you can go to the hotel &# 171; corner of Odessa&# 187; And the Ukrainian owner of Sergey clarify about the options for housing on the island and that maybe it will provide us with convenient options.

On the way there I noticed a very attractive sign about renting a housing at the gate: &# 171; rooms from 900 peso per night, including motorbike&# 187; And we decided to stop.

As a result, we are incredibly lucky, t.To. Owners freed one free apartments. People in the neighborhood lived in them for several years.

Our apartments on.Bochol

Housing is very comfortable &# 8212; Clean and new, at an affordable price, including motorbike, kitchen, excellent for Philippines Internet and swimming pool.

I think that next time we will stop here, but you will need to book in advance, t.To. very rarely on arrival you can find something like that. We are simply lucky.

Excellent accommodation options in the Philippines usually need to booke in advance. But if you don’t know about such things, then of course the only option &# 8212; Ride and see different options for arrival.

On which sites to book housing?

If you are planning to book housing for short term, I recommend using sites: Agoda.COM and Airbnb.

If you want to find accommodation online for a long time, then I recommend to search for it in Google search engine with requests like: &# 171; Apartments, Guesthouse, House for Rent&# 187; + name of the island or city in the Philippines in which you are going.

For example: &# 171; Apartments for rent bohol&# 187;.

One of the excellent options for long-term housing in the Philippines, which could be forced online in advance, but I preferred to find accommodation upon arrival

If you have bad English, you can use the translator in the Google Chrome browser, which is very convenient.

Another choice of housing for a long time online &# 8212; Groups in social. Networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki) about the Philippines.

Often, the ours who live long in the Philippines, relocate at home or can recommend some options if you ask your questions in groups.

Couple hours search options on the Internet and here you already know approximate accommodation prices in areas of your future vacation.

And in this article you can read about the beautiful attractions of the Bohol Island &# 8212; Chocolate hills.

What to pay attention to?

If you plan to book in advance of online housing options and not spend a couple of days in search, then of course the most important thing is the criteria of amenities that would coincide with your (air conditioning or fan; with breakfast or without; with a wardrobe or without; with a kitchen or without and t.NS.) + excellent people reviews.

At the most extreme case &# 8212; Near the sea (in tourist sites) sets a lot of laying, hammocks and even hazier beds;)

How to rent profitable housing in the Philippines

If you are looking for options offline, then you should pay attention to:

  1. Route to search for options. Personally, I focus on my search for category &# 171; Hotels&# 187; which are displayed in offline maps MAPS ME. Also in the zone of my search includes areas closer to the sea, to the main attractions near a large market or supermarket.
  2. Additional housing surcharge. Will there be any additional surcharges, is it included in the price of gas and electricity?
  3. Clean and accuracy of the whole house. If the house is dusty, the web is hanging, perhaps in your room later will later find a number of unforeseen problems: holes in the walls, poorly working shower, bedbugs or not very clean sheets.
  4. Owners themselves. If they are friendly, sociable and friendly, it always leaves a pleasant imprint in reflections above the accommodation.
  5. Location of housing. It is desirable that in walking distance were shops, market or at the request of the beach.
  6. Noise insulation. Surely, coming somewhere on vacation You would not want to listen to the dog’s Lai at home, crying young children, noise from building buildings or noise from passing cars. Pay attention to it!

Option eco house in the Philippines overlooking the lake for $ 35 per day (booked through AirBNB.COM)

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Look for accommodation on about.Bochol? Book the search for the locals

At the end of the trip, Bohol I met Darya, with Panglao, who lives there with her husband.

Darya &# 8212; Lives with her husband in Panglao and helps tourists find the most profitable accommodation

Daria helps people find profitable accommodation options: from 7.000 to 70.000 peso / month depending on the request. Housing for short-term or long-term period.


  • If you are looking for housing options for a long time, then you can safely ask for a discount.
  • If breakfast is included in the price, I would personally ask him to drop it from the price and refuse it, t.To. Most often, harmful products are included in it:
    1. White bread;
    2. tea, coffee or milo;
    3. Eggs and T.NS.
      It is better to buy for money saved for breakfast or something more useful.
    4. When searching for a long stay In hotels discount more than 10 &# 8212; 15% most likely you will not give. You should navigate to private apartments or guesthouses.
    5. Leave business cards (address) of each housing option that you looked like, making it on the site on a business card marked what I liked and that I did not like in the housing.
    6. Sometimes you can find attractive prices For long-term housing online. You can try to search for options in advance on the Internet.

    If you have any questions about how it is more profitable to book housing in the Philippines or there is something to supplement &# 8212; Please leave a comment below.

    If the article was useful for you &# 8212; Please share it in social. Networks. I will be very glad!

    How to rent profitable housing in the Philippines

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