How to rent a car?

First, car rental often turns out to be more profitable public transport, especially if you travel by the company.

Secondly, it is convenient. You can make up the most complex route – no dependency on bus timetables and trains. You yourself become owners, save time and effort, get more relaxing pleasure.

There is only one minus. If you are a lover to drink, then the car may be this hindrance. But in this case there is a way out – Drink in the evening when you get to the next hotel.

International Sample Rights (DRIVER’S LICENSE)

In most countries, standard our rights. In some cases, it will be necessary to obtain an international driver’s license (MWA) – check it up before traveling.

The driver is the age and driving experience, the second driver (Driver’s Age and Experience)

Usually in rental companies there are age restrictions for drivers. For young drivers, they are due to increased risks of accidents, a significant share of liability for which the insurance company carries. Often the minimum and maximum ages of drivers are installed, for example from 21 years to 75 years. It happens differently: prohibitions on driving persons who have not reached some age, but the category "Young Driver" is introduced (Young Driver). And if the person renting a car belongs to this category, then it is necessary to pay extra.

To the number of services that increase the rental cost includes both an additional driver leased. If the car manages a person who has not contributed to the lease agreement, the damage caused by this driver by a car or third parties will be charged completely since the lease agreement is issued on whose name. In this case, such damage does not cover such damage.

Bank card Visa, Master Card

For renting a car, a bank card VISA or MasterCard is required, in most cases, American Express and Dinners are also received. A debit card is suitable for renting a lease, and the deposit will need a credit. Deposit is blocked in case of possible damage to the car not covered by insurance. A few days after the return of the car, the deposit amount is unlocked. If damage is detected – the amount of damage is deducted from the deposit.

Insurance and personal responsibility (Insurance and Excesses)

Insurance is a very important component when renting a car. Almost all rollery companies are proposed by default. There are several types of them:

  • Insurance of the car itself (Loss Damage Waiver), which includes insurance against damage to the car (Collision Damage Waiwer) and theft insurance (theft)
  • Insurance from harm to third parties (Third Party Insurance)
  • Personal insurance (Personal Accident Insurance).

Insurance does not cover damage caused to a car or third parties, in case the person who managed by the car was in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication. Also does not cover insurance and damage caused by the car or third parties, due to the management of the driver, not included in the lease agreement. In the number of exceptions from the insurance claims, the trip is also hit by a terrain that is not intended for movement (often it is even a dirt road), departure out of the countries agreed in the contract, refueling the car in an incorrect type of fuel (for example, gasoline flooded into a car operating on diesel).

Car insurance and damage to third parties often imply the amount of personal responsibility (Self Excesses or Deductible Amount). If you scratched and remembered a car rental, then part of the amount you pay, and the rest will pay the insurance company. The amount of personal responsibility can often be reduced to zero at the conclusion of the lease agreement, but this pleasure is very expensive. To reduce the personal risk from paying such a sum, you should go on one of the famous paths:

1) search in the country a company that will lease a car for an acceptable price and with acceptable or zero personal responsibility.
2) search the car rental intermediary site, which can give the option to return the paid amount of personal responsibility after the design of the necessary documents.
3) Buy insurance returning paid amount of personal responsibility.
4) Buy a credit card with a package of insurance services, including insurance when renting a car and establishing a reasonable amount of personal responsibility. However, not all banks have such suggestions.

The first option is the best, but it turns out not always. The second option is ideal for those who take a car for a short time (up to two weeks) no more than once a year. Such an opportunity provides the AUTOEUROPE website. The third option is good for those who rent a car two or more times a year, or the rental period of the car is from two weeks and above. Example of a firm offering such insurance – Insurance4carhire. The last option is good for those who travel often and actively uses a credit card.

Fuel (Fuel)

Types of fuel for rental cars so far two: gasoline and diesel. In the US and Canada, diesel for passenger cars is practically not used.

When leaseing under the terms of the contract, the fuel level is registered in the tank when returning the machine. Usually the standard rule is valid: Get a machine with a full tank and return with full. In the event of a lack of fuel in the tank, the fee is charged and the cost of missing fuel at a very high rate (once a half or two exceeding tariffs at gas stations). Additionally, in some firms for it can take an additional fee.

May happen and so that the car will be issued with the level of fuel, for example, three quarters of the tank or even almost empty. In this case, it is necessary to return with the same amount of fuel.

Additional options (Additional Options)

How to rent a car

When renting a car you may need navigator, children’s chairs, roof trunk, chains for riding in winter in the mountains. Rent of these components may be not cheap, much more profitable to bring these things with you. And in the age of smartphones pay for the navigator in general is too unnecessary – download to the phone of offline cards.

Booking a car and obtaining a voucher (voucher)

Car rental sites a lot and interface they have different. However, some features apply to all.

If the site is global, then you first need to choose a rental country. Then choose the city where you will pick up and rent a car. In most cases, the reception and delivery items coincide. It is often offered to choose from several options: airport, station, rental points in the city.

If the reception and return items are different, then in most cases it will have to pay extra. In some countries (for example, in the US, Finland), the Commission may be very high. Extremely expensive international rental car, for example, take a car in Belgium, and pass in France. Check the ability to enter other countries – many companies prohibit it. For example, in most cases it is impossible to go from Germany to Italy.

Next you need to select the date and time of receipt and passing the car. Rental targeting, as a rule, is carried out by daily. For example, you take a car at 10 am on May 5, and you want to pass it at 11 am on May 7 – will be counted three days for rent.

Next, you should enter the name and surname of the person to which the contract will be concluded, the phone number, email address, the age of the driver. If you take a car at the airport, specify the flight number.

Some sites require prepaid armor in partial or full. In this case, the site will ask you to enter a bank card data.

After the booking is completed, you will receive an order confirmation and voucher. The voucher must be printed (better in two copies) and take with you. The voucher contains information about the firm that will be leased, including contact information.

You can try to find the achieve follow and cheaply suitable for rentalcars.Com

Signing a lease agreement (Rental Agreement / Terms and Conditions)

Upon arrival at the rental station, present a voucher, passport, driver’s license and previously mentioned bank card as an agreement is issued. An employee of the rental station after checking your documents should print a lease agreement in two copies that you need to sign in several places immediately. One copy of the contract remains with you, the other is the representative of the leased firm. All relations and landlords are recorded in the contract. It is a legally binding document for both parties. In the event of a settlement of claims, one of the parties to the settlement of the dispute will be carried out primarily on the basis of a signed agreement. In addition, the contract is recorded in the contract (all dents, scratches and so.), as well as fuel volume in the fuel tank. Theoretically, you should first inspect the car and make sure that the guidelines in the state of the vehicle is correct, and only then sign it. But in practice it is very difficult, because the parking lot is often at a significant distance from the rental station (for example, 100 meters from it). Therefore, in practice, it is better to sign a contract immediately and specify that you inspect the machine and in case of detecting undocumented features (scratches not marked in the contract) return and make them.

It is also important when receiving a car ask what to do in the event of an accident or car problems. Having received the keys and a copy of the contract, go to inspect the car.

Inspection of a car

Before you start a trip, inspect the car for possible scratches and dents and compare it with what is indicated in the contract. Immediately mark all the undocumented scratches and dents on your copy of the contract and before inserting the key to the ignition castle, go to the rental office and ask them to sign the scratches and dents documented by you. Pay attention to the roof (it is often skipped), wheels and glass (the standard insurance does not apply to them). Even better take a picture of the car from all sides or even remove the video. If you have a personal responsibility amount, then mark all the little things, even the most minor. If you forgot something to make a document, then do not prove anything. Do not forget to check the fuel volume.

Before you drive, deal with car automatic machine: how to include Middle and Far Light, rear transmission, alarm alarm and t.D. Immediately adjust the mirrors, seat, appreciate the dimensions of the car.

Upon personal return, the representative of the company will examine the car and will fix it in your copy of the contract. Often enough just leave the car in the return point. Keep a copy of the contract before unlocking the deposit.

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