How to relax in winter in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the world’s sought-after tourists for hot summer holiday. Here you can spend time on the beach, and it is possible by issuing an international driver’s license, rent a car and drive around all the sights of the island. But few people know that in the winter here too, you can arrange a wonderful holiday with skis, sledding, snowboards.

Waiting winter on the island is not very much, although the trips are much cheaper than summer. So if you want to relax serene – welcome to Cyprus.

Where to find snow on the island, many think. Everything is very simple. In the mountains of Troodos, everyone can ride on sleigh, skiing or snowboarding.

Winter in Cyprus is warm enough, so nothing overshadows hiking on various attractions. And there are a lot of them here. According to legends, you can finely fix your heart problems on this island, turning them on a positive way. Therefore, if there are love troubles, it is worth coming here. Cyprus once out of the water came out Aphrodite, and, as you know, this goddess personifies love. If you take pebbles and throw it into the water, everything will be fine in love affairs.

Since this island is associated with the goddess of love Aphrodite, then Valentine’s Day in Cyprus is celebrated with a special scope. Festive events, music, dancing, songs, decorated streets. Where else to 14 February this can be seen?

How to relax in winter in Cyprus

The ancient amphitheater is located on the slope of the mountains of the island. It can be visited, but observing definitely the rule: do not make noise. Amphitheater stones are very fragile, so they can collapse. And behind such historical values ​​is well followed.

Medieval mountain monasteries with magnificent mosaic can be seen in Cyprus in large numbers. They are so beautiful that they must be watching.

It will be pleasantly pleased with the pre-Christmas discounts in stores where you can buy a lot of souvenirs, perfumes, clothes, accessories, shoes at affordable prices. Many tourists come to Cyprus specifically in order to get to winter sales.

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