How to relax in the summer in the Carpathians

In the summer, the Carpathians are no less popular among tourists than in winter: here you can ride bikes or jeeps, fly on paraglids or just walk in the mountains and admire nature. Recently, the popularity of environmental holidays in the Carpathians and rural tourism is gaining popularity. This holiday is relatively not expensive – local peasants are happy to give to tourists for a small fee. The Carpathians passes many routes, including both natural beauty and historical attractions that are successful among tourists, especially young people and families with children. You can go on tour of the castles, alpine meadows, on nature reserves and even explore the vintage crafts in local villages.

Another new direction in the tourism of Transcarpathia – Wine Tours. Tourists can visit winery, tasting rooms, wine cellar, where they learn a lot about the production of wine in the Carpathians and, of course, will try local wines.

How to relax in the summer in the Carpathians

Note that the Carpathians – an internationally recognized direction in tourism, declared a unique treasure of nature of great value. This is reported in the Carpathian Convention, adopted by Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Convention also involves the development of tourism in the region and the protection of nature and culture Carpath.

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