How to relax in the Red Polyana

If many of your trips start buying tickets, then in this case I would not hurry. The first thing you have to do is to see the forecast. Yes, you need to go to the glade exactly under a good snow forecast. We are now talking to you about an unforgettable trip? So the usual riding on the tracks does not attract us how the surfing in the plump snow, which per night there can fall around one and a half meters (Believe me, it happens more, but this is already very much). So, forecast. I use the SNOW Forecast application. It can be easily found and download to Apple Store. As far as I remember, it is for other platforms.

Another way that my friends use is the Norwegian Weather Site YR.No There you can easily find the resort Rosa Khutor, but we will analyze more than my proven way – app. I on the right and left wrote about what these numbers and pictures mean.

As you understood, the most important thing for us is an indicator "see dropping snow"- Framed, following pictures with cloud or sun outlook. As I said, if there are numbers 8, 9, 10 and so on – wait for serious snowfall. Usually it starts with small numbers and then delays for a couple of days. These will be the best days for riding in the forest, and they open the top and you will fall into the fields of the pauder.

Andrei Moskvin jumps with one of the pillows in the forest at the resort Rose Farm

Top in mind avalanche danger will still be closed. So if you have the opportunity to go to the glade for 4-5 days, it is better to fly a day or on the day of the snowfall. If you have the opportunity to break out only for a couple of days, then a day after the start.

Artem Sheldovitsky rolls the fields above an avalanche house. This comb goes to right from rose peak.

You can still say that this application is useful for both photographers: there are visible hours of dawn and sunset – a better time to shoot. In good weather directly from the top station Rosa Khutor can be seen like the sun "Fall" in black sea

Night panorama of the slopes of rose rose, when randics work on them. View from rose peak.

So, if you start to open this application as often as Instagram or Facebook, then the next step is to buy tickets for you. Personally, I use the application or the site of a connected train. Why app? It is looking for and checks the price of all airlines, including the next numbers, while on the site of one carrier you can see only their tariffs for specific dates. Below the ticket purchase scheme in Sochi:

Now you are on the way to Paradise Krasnopolyansky forests and virgin slopes.

Egor Sorokin in the Catania Region called Ober Khutor

It’s time to decide the hotel. There are many options: you can live in the village of Krasnaya Polyana from 800 rubles per day in good modern hostels and ride every day by bus or taxi to the slope, you can live below the lifts, for example, I often stayed at the Tulip Inn. There are good prices in the area of ​​4000-5000 rubles per room. There is also more expensive, Raddison or Golden Tulip – Establish You. The third option that I checked on myself and you extremely advise you – the hotel on the mountain Riders Lodge. First, it is cheaper: double rooms from 3000, a bed in a four-bed hostel – 900 rubles, and secondly, you live a 5-minute walk from the top of the first station of the lift, and this gives you not only 20-30 minutes of the shape before those who also goes to draw the first track on the slope, but also a guarantee that you will be in the snowfall to see the snowfall, and not pouring rain downstairs, as it often happens. Boldly add for the price for the number another 1000 rubles for food (breakfast and lunch or dinner) and you will have an understanding of the budget. Do not forget to transfer 1500 rubles from the airport for the car – this is a normal price for delivery to the hotel.

View from the window of the Riders Lodge at the slopes, if you get up at 7 am. Rose lifts start their work at 8-30.

Yeah, there is a ticket, the forecast is, I decided on the housing, now do not forget to buy a ski pass on a rose farm, it can also be done via the Internet. Now he costs 1850 rubles. per day. Why rose farm? Because I will share with you where you can roll cool and believe me, you will be enough for my eyes. Only today, the secret map of the best oil spots of the resort. Once again I will prevent that this is not a call to ensure that you go to ride these places. Be confident in your abilities, experiences of riding and safety of a snowy condition on the slope. And one more advice, I did not notice on the map, but friends asked to add: no need to go under the cable car "Caucasian express", which goes to the top of the mountain. Under it, right under the rope, if there are many very steep sidelines, but not knowing which you need it, you can get into those that end with scaling outputs. It is very dangerous.

How to relax in the Red Polyana

Now about gear. Although it is one of the safest resorts of our country (everyone did everything under the standards of the Olympics, including security issues), will always be associated with risk. First, healthy appreciate your strength and opportunities. Ride in the forest in deep snow is not so easy. Be sure to have at least a bipper, and better also shovel with the dipstick. Do not forget about the connection, iPhone very quickly sit in the cold, so I clean it in a mask case. Masks themselves, I always take with you two: one can clog in the snow (especially in the snowfall) and move. The second will always save your day in super snow. And best of all, if you will ride a group or with local guides, there are a lot.

An employee of avalanche service Maxim Pankov during one of the descents at dawn. He has such a job to check the slopes on avalanche security

There is another good news: This year, in the Red Polyana, you can shoot almost the entire lineup of the LIB Tech boards for riding outside the tracks (bippers for skiing too can be found there). My friends, RiderHelp portal took this feature. So it is possible to fly in Sochi even "light", And take the board. Well, if you have a staph, do not forget to see the baggage rules. Now Aeroflot, Utair drive skis and snowboards for free and additionally to the main baggage, but everything can change and there is nothing worse than you know about it at the reception.

View from Rose Peak on Mount Stone Post and towards the region of Catania Ober Khutor.

Ride? Final part about where you can eat and relax. In Krasnaya Polyana, in each visit, I must have the following places for visiting:
-Varnetic. The legendary cafe that is at refueling "Rosneft". Any taxi driver knows this place in the village. The most delicious dumplings and medical. Middle account for two: 1-2 thousand.
-Patzha Achishho. Caucasian cuisine restaurant, which is also located in the village of Krasnaya Polyana. For the delicious pork kebab and lamb only there. I will advise my home wine and a chap. Middle Account for Two: 2-4 thousand rubles.
-Opening this season – Banya Lakshmi. Red Polyana is generally famous for its bath complexes, but by a combination of price-quality, this is the best place. Herbal tea, a bath ritual, a jam from Fehua and especially I advise caring brooms. It is not unreal. Cost per bath on six: 6 thousand. rubles + additional services. My advice is to book a bath along with the purchase of tickets, in the hot season on it always turn.

Andrei Moskvin B "Fabulous forest" On the resort Rosa Khutor in the area of ​​Stash Park.

Well, that’s all, my secret of one of the best places to stay in Russia I described above. You can talk a lot, but people who would have passed all these things and are unhappy – I have not seen.

Egor Sorokin in one descends into a narrow couloir from Rose Peak Station. Be careful not all the sidewars in the area have a way out. Some of the cliffs.

How to relax in the Red Polyana

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