How to relax in Switzerland

How to relax in Switzerland? That’s how such a question does not arise exactly when visiting Alpine country. One of the environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe countries will provide all the conditions for almost any rest. What do we know about Switzerland?

Often comes the famous Chocolate, Mountains, the world’s most accurate clock and banks. All this is so, but most importantly it is, of course, cultural heritage, amazing Picturesque nature, mountain panoramas, purest lakes and rivers.

Coming first often seems to Switzerland is a big beautiful village, Where are the cows on the Alpine meadows, the windows of houses are heavy from the yeast of geraniums, which grow in almost every home, rush foreign cars for perfect roads and everywhere Alps. Amazing combination of the purest untouched nature and civilization.

Moderate continental climate Allows you to visit the country year-round. It is not sharply hot or very cold, but it is advisable to clarify the weather in a week before the trip to capture an extra windbreaker.

Hotels in the country superior in quality neighboring countries, but it is natural, because Switzerland It has long been a favorite place of recreation celebrities, actors and businessmen. Private hotels will be suitable for the most budget stay B&B, which include breakfast and cost about 20-30 CHF.

The most important interesting country is Alps and a huge number of mountain routes.

Mining Switzerland

Total pedestrian routes in the country numbered more 50,000 kilometers. And they are all well-equipped, there are places of stops, benches, restaurants, lifts and funicular. With a map in the mountains you never get lost, although without a card too. Everywhere you will be accompanied by signs with distances and maps.

One of the most popular mountain routes is Mattarhon, Located U Villages Zermat. Gasoline and diesel cars are prohibited in the village, and only electromobiles are moved only. Here you get on the train, the territory is especially guarded, but it is worth it, beauty fascinates. It is worth noting that on a classic popular chocolate Toblerone Brasing the emblem of these mountains.

Switzerland Although a tiny country, but for a tourist just treasure. First of all, it is a sightseeing part and heritage of the main interesting cities of the country:


Old Town Bern &# 8211; Capital of the country announced UNESCO as a cultural heritage region, is a place to visit a huge number of tourists.

Story says that in 16 century, Duke announced that he would call a founded city in honor of the first killed animal on the hunt, and then the bear was brought from hunting, this was the right name and symbol of the city. Currently, a very visited place in the city "Medvezhya Yama"Where you can see real brown bears, and sometimes their new offspring.

V Bern Many attractions, monuments, about 100 fountains, Museums, churches and locks. Excursions are offered here, the other option to rent Bicycle B Hirschengraben, what next to the train station and go around the most interesting places. To do this, you need to have a passport and twenty CHF Pledge, 4 hours You can ride free of charge.

Do not forget to visit Park Rose, During the flowering period, this place is simply fragrant and attracts visitors, a beautiful view of the whole city opens from the park. On the main street Rathausgasse You can make interesting purchases &# 8211; Swiss watches, souvenirs, clothing and cosmetics. Here you will find Corporate shop of natural oils, local chocolate shops and restaurants for recreation and lunch.


Zurich is something business Mecca Switzerland, where banks, companies, universities, but also the cultural life of the country are concentrated. In the city there is about 50 museums, More than a hundred most different galleries where Show and exhibitions. It is worth seeing many architectural structures such as City Hall, Cathedral Gronsm√ľnther, Castles and Churches. Nice just stroll around the city along Zurich Lake, where you can feed the ducks and swans.

V Zurich settled one of the best in Europe Zooparkov, which is especially recommended to visit with children. All animals live in conditions close to the natural habitat, and the Penguin Parade, held in the winter daily, will not be pleased with your chad.

How to relax in Switzerland


V Geneva You can walk along the shores of the famous Geneva lake, which is considered one of the most picturesque in Europe. Also here are a lot Museums, exhibitions, libraries, parks, beautiful architecture. Geneva fountain reaches 147 meters and at the same time throws around 500 liters of water. Another amazing landmark is the clock made of colors by the way, second hand is the longest in the world and reaches 2.5 meters. The composition itself is very attractive and unusual.


In Lucerne, the infrastructure for any tourist is well developed. Home Urban Landmark is an old Wooden bridge, Built more B 1333 year. Counts The most old in Europe, inside the bridge to be a collection of ancient paintings. On the embankment Luzan lake You can rent water skiing and windsurfing. The city also has a diverse cultural program &# 8211; Museums, Parks and Exhibitions.

Also in Switzerland a lot Small towns with a special flavor and interesting architecture, well, indisputable with exciting natural panoramas.

Zolled A small town made in the style of Baroque, a storehouse of architecture and various monuments.

Emmental Famous in the exhibitions of cheese. Guests can not only see the principle of cooking famous Swiss cheese, But also try.


Each visited Switzerland, Of course buy Famous chocolate. This pleasure here is a great set. There are whole shops of sweet delicacy: chocolate balls, tiles, candy and caramel. Swiss Watches here a little cheaper than in the next European countries. In Switzerland set Souvenir, Most popular Local knives and colorful calendars With the image of the Alps. Cheese takes all the same first positions, so buy several varieties home.

The main thing is that you take with you from this tiny country &# 8211; this is Unforgettable and pleasant impressions, photos and warm feelings for hospitable people.

How to relax in Switzerland

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