How to relax in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh through Minsk starting from September 1: Detailed instructions

At the end of August, it flew not the most pleasant news – From September 1, Egypt takes tourists only with negative PCR tests, and with those whose results were ready no later than 48 hours from the date of arrival on schedule. All this has created additional difficulties for logistics, especially for residents of neighboring Russia, massively traveling through Belarus to Egypt.

Nevertheless, September 1, Egypt’s authorities made a relaxation for tourists who want to relax on the Red Sea.

  1. At the airport arrival, the tourist is obliged to make a certificate about the passage of the PCR test with a negative result in English. Date of fence material – no more than 72 hours From the time of arrival of the flight (yes, Time Limit increased by adding time to this maneuver).
  2. Currently, Belavia’s airline, which carries out charter flights from Minsk and regional cities in Belarus in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, does not allow for board without a certificate of test.
  3. Egyptian authorities take tests of all certified laboratories and in English, including tests about tests, Laboratories issued by the our Federation.
  4. Travel agency Travelhouse is carried out organized entry for the delivery of PCR test in Minsk. Recording and delivery service for tourists’ company is provided free. Test results are issued in our and English.
  5. In case of obtaining positive results of PCR test – Cancellation of the tour and refund is carried out without any deduction.

Thus, even though the procedure and somewhat complicated, the Government of Egypt and the Belarusian company Travellhouse tried to do everything possible so that tourists would have experienced the minimum of inconvenience and, as always, have the opportunity to go on vacation on their favorite Red Sea.

We contacted Belarusian colleagues from Travelhouse in G. Minsk and got a departed commentary from Deputy Director Yuri Surkov.

«Indeed, during this period, when the world collided with new challenges, it becomes somewhat more difficult to travel. But for all connoisseurs of good leisure and travel, we conducted a job, really tried and now renew service for citizens of Russia with fully thoughtful packages and tourist logistics.

I will tell you in detail how everything happens. Tourist from Russia to books online a ticket to Egypt (the procedure for our permanent tourists is well known) – You can read about this link. From the moment of the appeal of each of our clients, a personal manager leads to all the necessary procedures for organizing your trip. Along the way, we report that tourists who previously booked tours and whose travels could not be held due to quarantine from March 17 to July 1, will be able to use the advance payment for booking a new tour to Egypt through Belarus, or get a refund».

«Other working moments we also take on – There will be two. First – This is a departure from Russia with a junior to the sanatorium (Previously, we wrote in detail about the entry into the Republic of Belarus on the basis of a ticket for treatment in the sanatorium in the article on this link) and PCR test», – Tell the interlocutor.

PCR test You can do in Minsk for free, or come with a dough issued by the laboratory in your city of Russia. Citizens of Russia, who booked a tour in our company, from September 1, has repeatedly successfully successfully drove into Egypt to rest with certificates of tests issued by our laboratories. More details – Read here.

It is important to immediately say that in case of obtaining a positive test result, the cancellation of the tour and the return of funds are made without any deduction.

How to relax in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh through Minsk starting from September 1 detailed instructions

Entrance to the Republic of Belarus. We offer a proven, convenient and reliable option with confidence –Republican Ski Center «Sili», Which takes guests all year round and is famous for its healing and sanatorium resort base. When booking, a ticket is provided for the purpose of treatment, which presented to the border service staff, giving reason to leave the our Federation to the Republic of Belarus. By the way as the Republican Ski Center «Sili», So other sanatoriums of the country are state.

Any family or company here can be convenient and accommodated. Excellent material and technical base, everything is almost new. Economy rooms, standard, family, as well as wooden houses with everything necessary for life and recreation. The price of the package will include therapeutic procedures, or, for example, massage, swimming pool. Bath can be ordered additionally. I recommend the service from myself – «Tsarist Banya» – This is a real hit, especially popular among guests from Russia.

Some of our tourists, and this is quite explained, ask questions about Public and political situation in Belarus and ask if there is any danger to them. I answer: the overwhelming number of citizens of Belarus love and respect the ours, as a fraternal people. The official authorities are also sure, will do everything to do stay in Belarus for every our safe and comfortable. Departures of flights, the functioning of all organizations and infrastructure has not changed any changes. However, for the additional security and tranquility of our tourists, we offer to be placed in the sanatoriums located in the area: Republican Ski Center «Sili» Located 35 km from Minsk, and if you follow a car, you will not need to travel to Minsk on the road to a sanatorium or on the way to the airport, as well as on the way from the airport back home to Russia.

(Continuation – below after the card)

Sanatorium location map relative to Minsk and airport

Cost of the detention center in the sanatorium And the service will be pleased to be pleased, accommodation per person will cost from 7,000 our rubles. There are other options, with a price of 5000 rubles.

Tourists from Russia We provide transfer service – Comfortable transportation by car or minibus, we deliver tourists from the our-Belarusian border to the sanatorium (hotel), the airport, from the sanatorium to pass the PCR test in Minsk, meet with a sign at the airport or at the station. With an independent organization of movements – We recommend publishing on the tourist portal «Airport Guide Minsk».

We remind you that at the moment the visa in Egypt is provided free of charge:

  • Visa by arrival in a / p Hurghada – free of charge 31.ten.2020.
  • Visa by arrival in a / p Sharm el-Sheikh – free of charge if tourists do not leave the limits of the Sinai P-Ova

Thus, we did everything to rest our tourists to be comfortable, affordable, calm and safe, tourists can still quietly make their trips, enjoying the hotel rest and red sea.

Prices for tourpacks in Egypt with departure from Belarus (in the cost – Price for Two Adults For the flight, Transfers in Egypt, accommodation in the hotel, meals «All inclusive»):

  1. Delta Sharm 4 *, AI, departure 13.09 From Gomel for 10 nights – 584 USD, departure 09.09 From Minsk for 14 nights – 1074 USD
  2. Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 *, AI, departure 07.09 From Gomel for 10 nights – 584 USD
  3. AMWAJ OYOUN SHARM 5 *, AI, departure from Gomel for 10 nights 07.09 – 734 USD
  4. Coral Beach Hotel Hurghada 4 *, Ai, departure 11.09 From Gomel for 10 nights – 876 USD
  5. Labranda Club Makadi 4 *, AI, departure 08.09 From Minsk at 10 nights – 876USD
  6. Sea Beach Resort & AQUA PARK 4 *, AI, departure 13.09 From Vitebsk for 10 nights – 844 USD
  7. King Tut Aqua Park Beach Resort 4 *, AI, Departure 09.11 for 7 nights – 1028 USD
  8. Royal Albatros Moderna 5 *, AI, departure 15.11 for 7 nights – 1369 USD

We see that despite changes due to the epidemiological situation in the world, as well as other events and some restrictions, tourists from Russia are still traveling to Egypt through Minsk. We invite you to take this opportunity, while we guarantee a profitable offer, excellent service, care and hospitality.

So: To fully relax on your favorite resorts of the Red Sea – in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh – go to a complete list of all tours from Belarus to Egypt for this link.

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