How to relax in france

France &# 8211; One of the three large and developed countries Western Europe, which is famous for its rich culture, beautiful streets and unique landscapes. Romance and mysteriousness of France Fascinating tourists, turning their rest for a while in a small fairy tale.

You can walk along the cozy streets Paris, go to Louvre or just climb to the top Eiffel Tower And no matter where you find yourself &# 8211; You truly fall in love with this country and its capital. In addition, from Paris You can get into Other large cities and regions of France, who will affect you with their beauty and extraordession. France is divided by Several regions, who are often visited by tourists: Paris, Bordeaux, Cannes, Cote d’Azur, Brittany, Lyon, Normandy.

From Monparnas Paris Station on long-distance speed trains TGV can be reached almost to Any corner of France. Learning about the culture and history of this country, having tried the present French wine and enjoying beautiful views, you will plunge into the world of charm and magic.

History of France Formed due to the long conquest by Franks of the former Roman territory. Franky&# 8211; These are tribes who lived in III century On the banks of the river Rhine. King Frankov Klovis Chlodwig inflicted a crushing blow to Roman armies, so much more than a majority of territory Modern France. In the future, France expanded, where two countries subsequently &# 8211; England and France conducted a long struggle. Also in 1066 year Norman Duke Guillaume Crossed by La Mans and sent his troops to the side France.

After some time, Girl from Lorraine named Jeanne D&# 8217; Ark came to the aid of the French, raising Research in Orleans on the fight against the British. She was the commander-in-chief of a small detachment. May 8, 1429 The French won under Orleans over the British. As a result, Zhanna was named &# 8220; Orleans&# 8221;.

However, in the Epoch of the Middle Ages, when the Inquisition was spread, Zhanna D&# 8217; ARK called the sorcerer and accused of heresy, As a result, in 1430 It was sold to the British and burned on the fire. Later, the Catholic Church rehabilitated it and ranked saints. As a result, two decades later the British were Exiled from France.

For France, absolute power was characteristic of that period. During the reign Louisika XVI France’s economy flourished, and also transformed all the magnificence of French architecture. Later when he came to power Louis XVI, was The French Revolution. Several revolutions entailed the fall of the absolute monarchy. Subsequently, the state went towards democracy. More and more, industry developed, culture, and also increased the role of education in society. Nevertheless, not bypass France and The Second World War. However, thanks to the unification of the French with other countries, France managed to win over the fascist Germany.

Paris is characterized by its extraordinary culture and attractions. There is a main historical monument, &# 8211; The Eiffel Tower, surviving a wave of criticism and folk protest. Residents of the city considered this tower as ugly and nonesthetical, and the French writer Gi de Maupassan somehow said these words: &# 8220; I leave Paris and my native France because I am annoyed by the Eiffel Tower&# 8221;.

V 1910 year it even tried to disassemble, but fortunately, it stopped in time. Currently this tower like everyone. She rises up on 300 M, and its lace construction consisting of 18000 elements Magically attracts the look of all tourists. With the help of a special lift, each wishes can climb to the top of this grand constructure.

National Museum of Louvre &# 8211; One of the main cultural attractions Paris. Rising by escalator to the lobby, you should buy a ticket for login to the museum. Also at the information rack you need to take a detailed museum scheme to make it easier to file. Louvre Consists of several halls: French, Spanish, Italian, Ancient Egyptian, English and German sections. Nearby is a cafe where you can drink coffee or tea with gentle croissants.

How to relax in france

Visiting everything Museums and memorable places Paris, Stroll on the delightful squares and streets of the city. One of the oldest streets of the city is Fran Bourgoua Street, where she gradually goes into the most beautiful square in France called square Vogzov. Beautiful Square with a miniature fountain in the framing of red brick buildings and white stone is considered Favorite venue of residents of Paris. There lived nearby Victor Hugo, where some manuscripts and art objects are preserved in his house.

Having visited B Paris, You can get to Renna and immerse yourself in an extraordinary world of picturesque species and luxurious Castles Brittany. If in Paris Big urban life boils, here you can beautifully relax and enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Coast Atlantic Ocean. Valley of long rivers, powerful ocean, vintage medieval locks – all this leaves bright impressions of life.

If you want to truly feel the fullness and joy of a beach holiday, then you should go on Cote d’Azur. Affectionate Sun and Turquoise Waves of the Mediterranean attract tourists from around the world. Nearness Alp Near Nice Allows you to climb the mountains and look at the magnificent scenery from a bird’s eye view. Near the town BIOT located the largest in Europe Marine model marine zoo, Where are the various circus shows.

To go rest in France, should be made passport and Schengen Visa. Draw up documents need half a year before departure, as this is a very long process. To obtain a visa, you need to contact French Embassy. You can get into France Three ways: by plane, train and on your own car.

The first option is the most convenient, since the flight time from Moscow to Paris make up 4 hours. By train you too can easily get to Paris. Of course, There are no direct trains to France, But there is a train Moscow &# 8211; Berlin &# 8211; Paris.

Traveling on your car &# 8211; This is the best option for those who want to see not only France, but also other neighboring countries. To do this, you must prepare all Required documents: Rights to driving, visa for entry, medical insurance, inspection coupon, technical support. Then your independent tour of Europe will bring you a lot of pleasure and impressions.

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