How to relax in Finland on the weekend

Rest in Finland on the weekend is available today to everyone. The proximity of the border of this state to the cultural capital Russia, Availability of multiple ways of travel and friendly tourism policy make it possible to visit the territory of the neighboring European country by any possible ways within the weekend tour. Departing B Finland on Saturday and Sunday, Every traveler would like to know what you can have time for this time, what Attraction visit and in what events to participate.

Among the most popular routes in this country, tourists choose those that allow you to get Maximum positive impressions and benefit for the shortest possible time period.

The main landmark of Finland &# 8211; This is its unique natural resources. That is why most of the travelers, regardless of the time of the year, tries to visit the facilities closest to the purest water bodies and forestry arrays. One of the similar places to stop tourists on the weekend is the hotel Tallucca.

Inexpensive, but with high level of service Spa Hotel, Located in a small Finnish town Vaax, What is just 20 km from the city Lahti, on the shores between the two largest lakes Weavelyervi and Pyanne.

How to relax in Finland on the weekend

This is the perfect stopping point of the middle of the travel tour travel tour, for those who are going go on Saturday morning and go back on Sunday evening. So, thinking about which attractions, objects, cities and settlements will be visited, it is necessary to choose accessible by price and speed vehicle. It may be train, aircraft, tourist bus, taxi and, of course, personal car. The faster the method of moving, the more objects can be time to visit. Most often, our tourists seek to visit the capital in two days off &# 8211; city Helsinki, Inspect its sights, go through the main stores, and in the evening to remove a small cottage for the night or a room in any hotel surrounded by natural environmental conditions.

All this allows you to simultaneously enjoy excellent Rest in nature (fishing, walking, boating) and get a lot of impressions from visiting attractions and make a lot Useful shopping (Lappeenranta shopping city, located near the border with Russia, and others.). You can also relax with the whole family in the water park city of Imatra.

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