How to relax in England

United Kingdom is one of the most attractive countries in Europe. Do not go there for a beach holiday, but for new impressions from the ancient castles and fortresses built during the Middle Ages.

Often tourists from traveling in England stops Thought of a high cost of rest In this monarchic power. But if you wish, you can always find on what to save, and make your journey not only pleasant, but also budget.

Flight tickets

The best way to save on the airline – Book tickets in advance. And pay attention to your luggage: it is more profitable to go on the journey and come back. For the exceeding mass of the suitcase with you at the airport will take a decent amount.


This cost of expenses is one of the most significant. Accommodation in the hotel does not afford to tourists with a limited budget. Remains Overnight in the hostel or housing search on special services, where locals offer travelers. This method of accommodation has another indisputable plus: both in fact, and in another case you will have access to the kitchen, and therefore you can prepare yourself and save also on the nutrition. Often the owners of private apartments and holders of hostels indulge their guests with breakfasts completely free.


If you cook yourself, Products can safely buy in any supermarket. Prices will pleasantly surprise you, especially considering that all products are incredibly tasty and high-quality. Food in English restaurants will cost a round sum. If you really want to visit public catering, you can limit Local coffee shops – Here the purchase of cups of coffee and baking will not hit the pocket.


If you have a ride between cities, the best and inexpensive option will be bus. The British themselves this type of transport does not complain and move by rail. But the train though will deliver to the destination faster, tickets for it will cost several times more expensive than the bus.

How to relax in England

If you stayed in a major city, movement inside it is carried out at once in several types of public transport: Metro, trams, route taxis. You can purchase special travel cards that will help save money for travel. With these cards, you can use any types of transport throughout the day.

Another popular way of movement in the UK is bike. Bicycle rental points can be found in any city.


United Kingdom – a country with a richest history. Leave from here without visiting any museum, it would be great omission. Fortunately, Many state institutions of this type open doors for visitors for free. Their accurate mono list is found on the Internet. Many historical buildings, famous to the whole world, can be inspecting outside, without spending no means. Photographing next to Big Ben and other attractions of England will take a worthy place in any collection.

Of the foregoing it becomes clear that it is not so scary to travel through the UK with a limited budget, as it seems at first glance. The country makes it possible to save money in many positions – the main thing, competently plan the costs before the trip and study all slippery moments before departure.

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