How to relax abroad

What to do if there is very little money, but you still want to enjoy your holiday? The main thing you need is a plan! And this article will help you in drawing up.

How to save on vacation abroad?

The main question with which you have to decide is the place and time of your holiday. Of course, if you want to relax as cheaply as possible, then the only option for you is Cottage at the city. However, if you still really want to relax by the sea or even go abroad, then Get ready to spend more money.

It is also necessary to calculate the time of your trip. If you have such an opportunity, calculate your rest time so that it accounted for not on the main season. Much depends on who organizes your holiday. Try to do the organization yourself – you Save about thirty percent from the cost of travel and get a bonus in the form of what you will spend your vacation as you want!

The first thing you can save is Tickets for transport, which you are going to take advantage. A simple rule works here: The sooner you book tickets, the less there will be their cost, especially if you purchase tickets before the start of the tourist season. Another small trick: If you want to fly to Europe, then consider the maximum cheap price variations can be found On Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – in earlier morning or in late evening. Month is the best time to book tickets, but if you want to save more, then Do it even earlier.

A month before your rest, it is necessary to settle all problems with documents, as it will be much more expensive to do all this at the last moment. Also open a card account in the bank before you go abroad.

Be sure to assemble A set of necessary things with you, To avoid extra spending on things, without which you can do without. Purchase things like Panama, magazines, sun glasses. Something, for example, in perfumery and cosmetics, you can save, Having bought these things in the Duty-Free airport. Next, you can draw up a list of expenses and organize a budget. These articles such as passage, food, accommodation, communications, entertainment and gifts should be included in it. Do not forget about such an item as in touch: money on the phone can end at a very inappropriate moment, and replenish the account will not only be difficult, But also cost.

What else can you save?

How to relax abroad
  • First, on Hotel. Choose a cozy hotel outside the city: even despite transportation costs, it will cost you cheaper. Secondly, find the currency exchange point with the most favorable course, since the favorable course in places such as train stations, airports and hotels, it is almost impossible to find.
  • If you buy a lot, then ask you to write out Tax Free Checks. With their presentation, you can get VAT refund in the form of money at the airport (it is 10-20 percent of the cost of the goods).
  • Also worth saving on these articles like drinks and food at the airport, penny souvenirs, calls from the hotel, as well as paid photos. But never Do not skimp on a comfortable room in a good hotel, Cognitive tour and decent dinner in a good restaurant.

One of our recommendations is to start a bank card. What is its advantages?

  1. First, you no need to carry with youExalted cash amounts;
  2. Secondly, you will not need to declare the full amount of money, When you cross the border;
  3. Thirdly, It will be saved on currency transactions, Since when paying a card, the Commission is not removed.

Also, if you urgently need money, then Your account on the card can replenish relatives or friends in your native country. However, remember that part of the cash should still be with you!

How to relax abroad

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