How to register for a flight Biblio Globe in Transaero?

The Bibliological Globe tour operator was formed back in 1994, which is based on the legendary trading house "Biblio-Globus".

The first office of the company was on the 2nd floor of this popular book bench.

Today, the Travel Agency "Biblio-Globus" has its own network of offices throughout Russia, as well as abroad, where more than 300 employees work.

The first tour operator sold this tour operator – a trip to Cyprus, thanks to which the Bibli-Globe began to rapidly recruit her leadership in the our market.

In subsequent years, the choice of countries was expanded, where it was possible to choose tours under the brand Biblio-globe.

To do this, travel agency is the main goal in providing an excellent vacation at an intelligible price.

The advantages and disadvantages of the "Bibliological Globe"

One of the most prominent travel agencies "Biblio-Globe" with great pleasure will provide you with a unique opportunity to turn around or fly away the whole world.

You can see many amazing places, feel tastes and smells of different countries on yourself, learn and understand many other cultures and traditions.

You will get acquainted with such a large number of people you will remember always.

"Biblio Globe" daily wants to create as many new and exciting recreation programs as possible, which will fully comply with your personal interests.

In the market of outbound tourism, we already work over 19 years old and are ready to offer full tourist packages in 33 directions with direct departures from 23 countries of Russia.

Service directory includes:

  • beach vacation;
  • ski tours;
  • shop tours;
  • Tour with a cruise;
  • Combined and excursion trips.

Main advantages:

  • a huge database for the choice of hotels, flights, turpakentes;
  • unique contacts and affordable prices;
  • Simple and convenient online booking (including online reporting documents, accounting reporting);
  • Interesting discount programs;
  • several ways of paying tourist services (credit card, via the Internet);
  • Calm Family Vacation with Children;
  • the presence of its branded products;
  • Continuous updating of the range of the tourist range;
  • Numerous positive and appreciation reviews about the excellent capacity of the company BG;
  • Friendly and smiling workers.

Having read reviews on the Internet or in some other source, you will see that the only drawback, according to people, firms. Globe is too fast excavation of vouchers.

Therefore, book should be booking in advance, as it may not be enough.

But many, on the contrary, consider it the main advantage of the company, as it is exactly that the company’s popularity, reliability and excellent quality of services.

Geography "Biblio-Globe"

You can go where your soul wishes only.

How to register for a flight Biblio Globe in Transaero

You are waiting for the sights of Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and France.

The geography of the "Biblio-Globe" tours is expanding and began to include the following countries:

  • USA;
  • Mexico;
  • Greece;
  • UAE;
  • Israel;
  • Brazil;
  • Argentina;
  • China and Hong Kong;
  • Unique vacation on the islands – Mauritius, Philippines, Seychelles, Jamaica, Sri Lanka.

To date, the full range of proposals includes more than 30 directions.

With the geography of the tour operator, you can arrange an extreme rest and enjoy surfing azure water.

Or you can arrange a romantic vacation for your favorite halves, going to Paris or in delicious Venice.

A wide range of tours will help everyone find the place that will make it happy and will awaken in it new amazing emotions.

Service of the company "Biblio-Globus"

Rest time is a separate era that every time our memories will be disturbed.

The "Library Globe" operator guarantees a personal approach and most importantly – a friendly service.

Every new season, b.Globe prepares new services for your customers.

For example, "Tours without restrictions under the anti-crisis booking program". This service has become a "hit" among regular customers, and also attracted new.

With it, we managed to go to a new stage, in which any user of the site could choose and choose a tour with arbitrary accommodation.

The company’s service managed to develop a whole set of solutions, thanks to which the client could see a full picture of the available rooms in hotels directly by date.

You will be nice to be surprised by the convenient service interface of the company. With it, you can sort out various accommodation options.

Suppose half of the rest, you wish to stay in a cheap room, and you prefer to remove the luxurious number to another rest.

In these cases, the company’s service, dynamically calculate the final cost of the trip and will choose the most suitable option.

Tourists are glad to such a service, because with his help they can save time for booking, while getting the opportunity to choose a combined tour.

Those clients who themselves chose a tour receive a good discount .

Step-by-step registration for flight in 3D

Travel agency "Biblio-Globe" always tries to please their customers and create the most comfortable and convenient conditions.

So now, they provide a new unique service – 3D registration through the airline Transaero.

Now, the tourist can independently choose the place where it wishes to go.

You can carry out such an operation after 5 following steps:

  1. You need to go to the home page of the website www.bgoperator.RuAnd in the top menu, click "On-Line information on request".
  2. Next, you will need to use the number of the application (that is, the passport number of one of the passengers in it for individuals) in a certain field.
  3. Next step – Click on the number of the flight on which the registration is open.
  4. At this point, directly selection of a wishing place. Pressing the left key of the computer mouse, you can move the plane from the tail to the cab – it is extremely convenient when choosing a place. After you confirm your choice, sparkling people will appear in the selected places. Next, you need to click "Register on the flight".
  5. In the last point, you will need to print a boarding pass According to the link or download its PDF version from the right column in the On-Line-check-in interface for flight.

Registration in Domodedovo and Vnukovo

You can register 3 hours before departure, baggage reception ends 50 minutes before your flight departure.

The weight and sizes of your suitcase must comply with the established standards.

When registering, you must provide a boarding pass. If for some unexpected situations, you failed to do this, you can refer to the registration rack number 33.

In Domodedovo and Vnukovo responsive staff, they will definitely take you without a queue so that you are not late for your flight.

Going on a journey, many tourists want not only sunbathing on the beach and swim in the ocean. Someone wants to know the culture and traditions of another country, see their great attractions, hear the history of their city.

With all this interesting information you can find on the Biblio website Globus. Especially for you, they collected a whole "package of information".

Managers of B. Company.Globe will definitely tell me where it is best to go to shopping where you should buy souvenirs and gifts close to which dishes are definitely worth trying.

They periodically check the relevance of each tour.

Upon arrival, you can share your impressions with other users about cooperation with them, whether the cost of the quality of the services of the Biblio is. As well as other moments that, in your opinion, will be useful and interesting to another person.

Christina Endless

The author of the article, this blog. Traveling independently 8 years. Visited 32 countries. The author of video courses on the organization of profitable travel.

How to register for a flight Biblio Globe in Transaero

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