How to reduce the risk of luggage loss

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However, few people come to mind that in many cases such losses could be avoided. After all, in foreign trips and without this enough risks.

But how? For example, abandon the luggage.

And do not hurry to discard this option. Up to 80% of things and items, with such work stuffed in the vacation suitcase, are unclaimed. Even with a flight to another continent, you can quite walk by hand. Because it makes no sense to drag with me what you can buy (often, by the way, much cheaper) on the spot. Not to mention the spent nerves and forces by dragging the ill-fated suitcase.

And if without putting the baggage can not do? What to do? Minimize risks. And six simple tips will help you do it.

1. Before expensive, make yourself a luggage card with your surname, flight number and contact phone. You can add email address. In English and the language of arrival point. Remember that such cards need, at least two – on the path there and back. And invest a business card or a photocopy of the first page of the passport inside the suitcase.

2. Do not put chargers in the luggage you want to pass. Although it is quite obvious, I know a lot of examples such a unreasonable approach. From the telephone charging, the manual sting not will not be, but if your luggage will lose – the phone will soon become a useless subject.

How to reduce the risk of luggage loss

3. Do not regret money – Touch the luggage in the film, asking the packer to lay your luggage card for a couple of extreme layers of film. Or buy a food film and clog everything yourself (this is, by the way, is very cheaper). You will immediately kill two hares: reduce the risk of loss (and opening) and can easily identify your luggage among similar type and size.

4. Always (required!) Remove the used tags from your baggage. Airport workers do not give any pleasure to rummage among the tags on your suitcase in search of relevant. Maybe you like the rolled with tags and inspection of the stamps of a suitcase, but a person who daily checks thousands of such suitcases, he will not like exactly.

5. Small luggage lighter is lost. If there is such a luggage on your hands, I take a backpack more and try to fill the volume without increasing weight. For example, I put in the pair of empty five-liter water bottles. Can and funny look at how half the volume of the volume has just received the baggage flying in the urn – but the presence of all his things with it worries me much more than the fact that casual people may think about it.

6. Take a picture of your luggage before installing on the ribbon at the flight reception rack. At least on the phone. In case of luggage luggage, this picture will serve you a good service, allowing you to enter the correct size, color and distinctive signs of your loss. Luggage weight also matters when filling out a sheet of loss, so try to remember it. Or, again, take a picture of the weight scoreboard on the phone.

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