How to rebuild free at the hotel

Okay, I will not speak riddles, I will explain what I mean.

Interested in one object in Japan – abandoned, but very luxurious hotel.

What is the most interesting thing: in it for almost 20 years no one lives, and the interior items, which testify to the former pompousness, still in the field.

Agree, if in our areas suddenly it turned out to be no needed building with a luxury interior and an antique environment, then only naked walls would remain in his place.

As you can see, at this hotel, the atmosphere was slightly painted, outdated, the influence of natural elements is seen, but all items in place and still it is clear that in the past it was a chic, but very cozy institution.

Why in two decades practical Japanese not interested in this real estate?

How to rebuild free at the hotel

All thing in superstitiousness. Otherwise, why would this local businessmen ignore such an asset in a country where every block of land in the account? So, the reason for the abandonment of the hotel is very weighty and terrible.

So, what I lead to: And you would agree to spend one night for free in such luxurious, although wearing spontaneous apartments?

It is not necessary to sleep on the rotten sofa, you can choose any other secluded corner – integer 10 numbers.

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