How to read tariff rules?

It does not matter where you buy a ticket, in the aircraft, on the Agent website or airline, in any case, you must read the Tariff Rules. Rules or tariff conditions This is a contract between you and the carrier.

Knowing these rules you need in case you decide to return or exchange a ticket. At any time, you may change circumstances and you may need to change the dates of your travel or direction.

If you are a modern traveler and buy online tickets, do not be lazy to print the tariff rules. In case you need to make any changes or simply clarify information (for example, find out the size of the fine for making changes to the ticket), you can see them at any time and find out everything, and not spend time in hope you will call the Call Center Airlines.

Choosing the cheapest air ticket, you must understand that it is cheap only for one reason &# 8211; He has a lot of restrictions. And you can only buy such tickets if you are 110% confident in the date and route of the trip.

What to pay attention to buying a ticket?

In the rules of the tariff you should be interested in at least 3 things:

  • What amount will come back in case of cancellation of the trip;
  • Is it possible to exchange a ticket
  • What amount is subject to payment in the case of a ticket exchange;
  • How to read tariff rules

Rules of exchange of airline tickets Describes in the section Changes.

Almost always the tariff rules have subsections:

&# 8211; Any Time &# 8211; describes the terms of exchange or return at any time;
&# 8211; Before Departure &# 8211; describes conditions until the aircraft departure;
&# 8211; After Departure &# 8211; describes the conditions after departure of the aircraft, but only if the passenger began transporting (for example, flew over the first flight segment and did not use the second). In the event that the passenger did not use the ticket and did not turn to the departure for the removal of the place apply the rules "No Show", T.E. Non-appearance on the flight.

Under the name subsection, more detailed information is indicated:

&# 8211; Changes not permitted &# 8211; Changes are prohibited;
&# 8211; PER TICKET CHARGE EUR 75.00 FOR REISSUE / REVALIDATION &# 8211; fee for making changes 75 euros;
&# 8211; Changes permitted &# 8211; Amendments are allowed.

Return Rules Specified in the section Cancellations:

&# 8211; Ticket IS non-refundable – ticket is not refundable;
&# 8211; Refund is not permitted – the ticket is not refundable;
&# 8211; ANY TIME TICKET IS NON-REFUNDABLE – the ticket is not refundable at any time;
&# 8211; Ticket IS non-refundable in case of no-show – Ticket is not refundable in case of failure to appear on the flight.
&# 8211; PER TICKET CHARGE EUR 150.00 for refund &# 8211; Returns for the return of air ticket 150.

Unfortunately, not all airlines, when purchasing air tickets, they have on the site, I will introduce customers with full tariff rules. As a rule, a brief excerpt is given with the main points, on this, if you are interested in specific conditions, the size of fines and T.D. then book tickets only where there are full tariff conditions.

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