How to read stars

The hotel is our second home for the time of vacation, and on how comfortable conditions will be living in it, we often depend on our impressions of the trip in general.

Picking up the hotel, it is worth relying on the opinion of professionals. Managers of travel agencies are trying to regularly go to advertising tours to conduct hotel inspection at popular resorts. In addition, during your work, they somehow receive information whether construction or repair work is conducted in the hotel or nearby, in what state is the number of rooms, which represents the territory of the hotel, and what is beyond it. If you book your hotel, be sure to book and read the hotel reviews. It does not matter, positive they are or negative, but the general idea of ​​what awaits you there, you will get.

Tourists who are accustomed to relax in popular resorts are waiting for a certain level of service in any country where they would not go. They do not doubt that they will be given a spacious room, where bed linen and towels will change daily, will definitely be a free minibar and other amenities. And disappointed if suddenly the number turns out to be small, the bed linen is not changing every day, and 2-3 times a week, a mini-bar is paid, only a bottle of water gives a bottle for free while settled, the shower gel is a shampoo and so on. Claims arise, very often unreasonable.

Uniform standards of the classification of the hotel and the quality of service adopted all over the world. Star classification of hotels – also conditional. In different countries, tourist service standards in hotels vary. Star hotels are assigned or the Ministry of Tourism, or Wineler themselves. Domestic tour operators, forming a tourProduct, put stars by the hotel in some countries at their discretion, taking into account the set of services and the quality of service of guests.

Initially, standards regulating that should be in the rooms of two and three-star hotels were adopted in 1989 at the Madrid session of the World Tourism Organization (WTO).

In accordance with the WTO standards, the minimum sizes of double rooms in hotels. Thus, in the hotel 2 * the area of ​​the double room should not be less than 10m2, 3 * – 12m2, 4 * – 13m2, 5 * – 16 m2. Also, according to the WTO standards, the rooms of all categories of all categories should be cleaned every day. Change of linen in hotels category 2 * should be done at least twice a week, and in hotels category 3 * and above – daily.

But, the WTO standards are only a recommendation, so it is pointless to demand from the administration of hotels meaningless. Many hotels offer guests much more spacious numbers than standards recommended, so there are no thoughts that their number is too crazy. But those who lived in urban hotels sometimes complain that they had to live in a tiny issue. But, most likely, the size of such a number also corresponded to the WTO standards. Bed linen change – the question is also ambiguous, in some countries, even in hotels 4 * Bed linen is changed twice a week. Some tourists are indignant to this expense, but they are unlikely to change linen every day at home.

Sometimes our compatriots complain that there are no bath towels in their room every day. As a result, it turns out that the hotel administration, in order to protect the environment, requests guests to leave the used towels on the floor of the bathroom. Guests informs the sticker in the bathroom, but only not everyone pays attention to it.

Hotel information, its number fund and lists of services provided to guests can be obtained on the hotel website, or on sites providing booking services. On site sites like Booking. COM, TripAdvisor. EN posted feedback from guests almost all hotels in the world.

Each country has its own hotel classification standards. Therefore, you should not attempt to compare European hotels with, for example, Egyptian. If the hotel is 3 * in Europe, most likely, will be quite comfortable and comfortable, then in Egypt and a five-star hotel can disappoint.

The European market has a unified standard of standards for hotels in Hotelstars Union, covering today 18,000 hotels in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Hotels are estimated at 270 criteria.

So, according to the hotelStars Union classification, the following requirements are presented to hotels and their services:

Hotels with one star:

  • Room with bathroom with shower or bath
  • Room: Color TV with remote control, table, chair
  • In the bathroom: soap and shower gel
  • Room cleaning is made daily
  • The hotel must have a reception service
  • Telephone and fax can be available to guests
  • Customers of the hotel are offered an extended breakfast and drinks

Two Star Hotels In addition to the services of 1 * hotels feature:

    How to read stars
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Reading lamp next to bed
  • In the bathroom: towels, shower gel, at the request of tourists should be provided with personal items of personal hygiene – Toothbrush, paste, shaving accessories
  • Guests should be able to pay for plastic card services

3 Star hotels

  • The reception works 14 hours a day, and the reception staff own English and German, there is a baggage porter
  • The room has a telephone and internet, a large mirror and place to accommodate luggage, set for sewing, set for care of shoes
  • Bathroom – Heated towel rail, Hair dryer, Cosmetic napkins
  • On request, an additional blanket and a pillow are available
  • Available order of drinks in the room
  • Resident can use the services of laundry and ironing service
  • The hotel must work with customer complaints

Four Star hotels:

  • The reception works 18 hours a day and around the clock is available on the phone
  • Places to relax in the hotel lobby and the opportunity to order drinks
  • Buffet breakfast, restaurant A La Carte, as well as the possibility of ordering tomorrow to the menu number
  • The room should have a minibar or guests must be given the opportunity to order drinks around the clock in the room
  • The room must be equipped with a coffee table and upholstered furniture
  • Bathrooms – bath accessories and personal hygiene objects, a bathrobe and slippers must be provided on request

Five Star Hotels:

  • The reception works 24 hours a day, the staff owns several foreign languages
  • Visitors are provided with a Swiss, concierge services, writing, car parking
  • Newly arrived guests are welcomed by fresh flowers and a gift in the room
  • Opportunity around the clock ordering food and drinks in the room
  • Daily client number prepare to sleep
  • Each hotel room is equipped with a safe and computer
  • Bath accessories in the hotel packaging
  • At the request of the client, his clothes and shoes should be put in order for one hour

In a number of countries, hotels specifically underestimate the "star of their hotels". In Spain – the higher the category of hotels, the higher the taxes are collected from their owners. In Sharjah – a dry law is installed one of the Emirates of the UAE, so the five-star hotels are indicated here as "four". In France and in Monaco "Five" are indicated as Deluxe or Palace.

There are inverse situations – in Turkey, Dubai, Milan there are hotels of the category 7 *. Guests of VIP levels are resting here. Such hotels have a huge territory with restaurants of different kitchens of the world, entertainment parks, shopping centers. Often these hotels become concert venues where concerts of world-world stars are held.

Turkey hotels adhere to European standards. Stars Turkish hotels assign the Ministry of Tourism, but stop in hotels in category below three stars in Turkey is still not recommended.
The hotels of Egypt also uses a European classification, but only stars are assigned not for the quality of service, but for the number of services provided by the tourist. Therefore, it happens that tourists leaving Egypt remain unhappy with hotels 5 *.

In Thailand, hotels are assigned stars. In 2004, the Ministry of Tourism of the country submitted a unified system of classification of hotels "Standard of hotels in Thailand", in line with which the hotel is issued a certificate of assigning stars on 5 points. Hotels that participate in the program must accommodate this certificate in the lobby. Hotel guests noted by the Certificate "Standard of Thailand’s Standard" may not doubt that the services rendered to them will comply with high standards adopted in the country. Moreover, the hotel standard 2 * must comply with 72 criteria, and the five-star hotel is checked for compliance with 359 criteria. It is rated everything from the location of the hotel and the view from the windows to the state of furniture in the room, a list of amenities and T.D.

Greece Indicates the class of hotels in Latin letters. Hotels class "A" – Categories 4 stars, "B" – 3 stars, "C" – 2 stars and "D" – 1 star. 5 stars complies with class Deluxe.
In the US, there is its own classification. Hotels are divided into tourist class (1-3 European stars), first class (3 European stars) and luxury Deluxe hotels.

You can say with confidence, those tourists who will choose to accommodate hotels in well-known world chains may not doubt the high quality of service. Such hotels are guided by high quality standards, regardless of the country where they are located.

In addition to the number of stars at the hotel, pay attention to its name, it lies here information about its functionally intended.

If the name of the hotel has a word Resort – This is a resort hotel. On the territory of this hotel guests will find everything they need for a full holiday: its own beach, swimming pool, fitness center, tennis court and t.D.

SPA hotels Designed for health and relaxing holidays. Guests will be offered to undergo rejuvenating and healing courses, a huge list of SPA procedures. Sometimes they are also called wellness hotels.

Boutique hotels Do focus on original interior design and exclusive design numbers. These are small cozy hotels decorated in the thematic style.

Golf hotels Help’s own golf courses. There are rental items for equipment and shops with clothing and golf inventory.

Apart hotels Designed for guests who are planning a long stay. They can be found at any convenient time and move when necessary. Home Conditions created in Apart hotels. And prices here are available precisely because of the fact that some guests live in them.

Airport hotels Located in close proximity to airports. Here will make transit passengers who have between the docks of the long time interval and they want to relax in a comfortable environment before continuing the path.

Casino hotels are in gambling zones and are intended for gambling lovers. These are usually huge hotels, gaming halls and entertainment centers.

Congress hotels – have conference rooms and possess all opportunities for major business events and concerts.

How to read stars

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