How to pump English in journey

How are you with English guys? On the journey abroad, where our is not the main language, and not even in second place, without English is hard. Suddenly, at the hotel or at the airport there will be some problems? And if you are confused in the map? Games in the crocodile, of course, no one canceled, but it is better for words.

Some knowledge of the language at the average level, as they say – at the level of the shy tourist. With this, you can destroy light problems in the settlement (complain that the room is not removed, there is no towels and so on), ask how to go to the library or place an order in a restaurant. But communicate with local and make new friends – no, no, I’m shy and do not understand anything. You can not do it this way. Let’s raise the level – it adds comfort to the trip and helps learn more about the terrain.

Sitting at home, agree, it is difficult to do it – you need to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and get out of the comfort zone. Here are some tips, how to pump English on the journey, if you have a schoolboy level.

Listen to podcasts

It is not always convenient to read in the way, because the eyes need rest, and in a long trip from reading begins to rock. In addition, it is more useful to listen to foreign speech, so download yourself more foreign podcasts. Ideally, if the podcast will be about the country at which you travel. Look for podcasts on BBC Podcasts, NPR or in popular bloggers.


If reading does not throw out from the program – read. Late evening at the hotel for a glass of something. But the narrow-controlled literature and books on work will postpone up to better times – complex words and wording will only throw the difficulties of those who have low or medium level. Take with you light stories, collections of stories, magazines or even fairy tales written by simple language. Even the English-speaking forums are suitable – they write conversational English there. May want useful expressions.

Watch video blogs

The most beautiful and pleasant way to study a foreign language for rumors – watch video blocks. It can be any travel-blogger, because there are so many of them – choose any. W Alex Strohl And his wife Andrea Dabene Many beautiful travel videos. Andrea is talking clearer and slower than Alex, but both use simple words. Channel Ben Brown Also popular.


Capture a small notebook and drive a small diary in English. Let it be even short sentences with simple words. Poor vocabulary? Not trouble, because even more interesting, and there is a reason to learn new words and expressions.

How to pump English in journey

It is useful to record words, the translation of which you still do not know, but they attracted your attention. So it is easier to remember, because the whole story will be connected with them.

Spy for everyone around

Sly Lifehak for those who are afraid to make a conversation with local, but wants to listen to their speech. Sunlight! Sat down dinner? Listen to what they are talking about the next table. Rest on a bench, we are going in transport, stand in the queue – listen, listen, listen! This will help to prepare for the perception of speech, when you finally cross the threshold of embarrassment and speak with someone.

And finally, communicate

Even if you are wildly embarrassing, you will sweat your palms and brazen the language, to come into contact with the locals will have to. At the hotel, the museum, on the street or in a cafe is inevitable. The main thing is to learn the phrase you explain that they do not speak very well. Nobody laugh over you, and on the contrary, they will be explicitly explicitly. Add gestures when talking, they will help convey meaning and replace some words. And just in case, keep an offline translator with you.

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