How to protect your bank card from fraudsters

Many of us have long been accustomed to plastic bank cards and do not forget to take them on a trip. It is very convenient, because you do not need to look for a bank or exchanger to transfer money to local currency.

However, they must be properly used and not forget about the elementary safety rules.

I think that many of you have a couple of friends who have encountered fraud and lost money that were on the map. Or maybe you yourself became a victim of thieves?

Today we will give you some tips to help avoid these problems and save money in integrity and safety.

1. Never keep all the money on the map. Translate amount to it from your current account as needed. Keep the amount on the map equal to your spending on 1 day. Ate a lot of buying, then transfer money to the card immediately before paying at the box office.

2. Connect alerts about all operations with an SMS card. This will allow you to quickly respond and block the map.

3. Rewrite the Bank Support Service (It is written on the reverse side of the card) and in the case of theft of the map immediately call the bank. It is more convenient to record a room in a phone book or put a piece with the number in the documents.

4. Desirable take money only in ATMs, which are located in places equipped with security and video surveillance: Banks, government agencies, some shopping centers.

If there is no one, then before you use it, Inspect the ATM. Fraudsters often establish special reading devices on them – skimmers. This is a pad on the keyboard and a device for receiving a card for reading a pin code and a magnetic tape.

Look skimmers like this:

At the ATM should not be any protruding parts, especially, differing in color. There should be no foreign objects near the screen, for example, booklet supports (fraudsters mount the chambers to read the PIN code).

Check the skimmer or not quite simple, skimmers are designed so that the fraudster can easily remove it. Try to pull for it or pick up the base of the keyboard, the skimmer will easily go away.

How to protect your bank card from fraudsters

If you have at least the slightest doubts, do not use this ATM. And better call the bank and report a suspicious device.

Recently, at many ATMs installed antiskomer, it looks like this:

They are made of plastic and always transparent so that the client saw that there is no reader. Antiskomer is designed so that it is impossible to attach any third-party device.

5. ATM is not the only place where you can become a victim of fraudsters. In Europe, consider data cards can be in cafes, restaurants and in stores. To avoid this, Never give a map of the waiter. Complete with him to the checkout or ask to bring a portable terminal to pay.

Scammers do not necessarily read information from the map of the skimmer, it is enough just to rewrite data from the card &# 8211; this is enough to pay on the Internet.

6. Before you put a signature on the check Check out the amount, Specified in Nem. If a failure has occurred while trying to pay, save the check with the terminal for subsequent verification on the absence of this operation in the discharge according to your account.

There is one trick that can help keep your money. Many fraudsters know that inexperienced bank customers keep PIN code on the map itself (scratch it or stick it with scotch). Write an erroneous pin code on the map. When a fraudster will be at an ATM and introduce it, then for the first time he will think that it was mistaken, look at the card and introduce again.. and for the third time the map will be blocked.

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