How to protect the skin of the face in the resort

Now holidays at sea resorts are available all year round, and although summer ends several tips from MyJane.Ru What to take with you on vacation to ensure competent skin care will be relevant. When traveling to rest you do not need to take everything with you, because really useful not so many funds that will easily fit into a small handbag.

First of all it is worth taking a scrub or cleansing gel for every day. Especially if an active leisure or a trip on quad bikes is planned. Yes, and from small beaches of beach sand is best to get rid of a daily scrub or gel for washing. Does not prevent the resort and face mask. Because it is not necessary to do every day, a small tube will not take a lot of space in the suitcase. But the mask will help the skin of the face well feel in the maritime climate.

How to protect the skin of the face in the resort

Affect the beauty of heat and sun rays that increase the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin, and, on these factors, although in different ways, they react all types regardless of whether oily skin or dry. To avoid possible problems you need to take a moisturizing day cream suitable for your skin type. Sunscreen – what is simply obliged to be in the cosmetic. Minimum protection in the conditions of the seaside resort should be 30 units. Especially carefully, it is worth considering this advice of those whose skin is prone to burning.

And, of course, if you are not going to spend your whole stay on the beach lying in a lounge chair, take a softening champunker air conditioning that helps hair overcome the negative impact of salt water.

How to protect the skin of the face in the resort

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